Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Empire Strikes Back Birthday: Episode II -- Yoda-Rita

Welcome to the continuing saga of my The Empire Strikes Back 30th birthday party. Today's adventure brings us to the far and distant Cocktail System, where we encounter a small yet delightful creature called Yoda-rita.

The Yoda-rita is one of my preferred margarita recipes (with fresh squeezed lime juice - not like the mixes do I), housed in a transparent plastic cup, perfect for being decorated with a little sharpie face, and of course, two slim lime wedges for ears. And by preferred margarita recipe, I mean, the force is STRONG with this one.

Let's all drink to the great Jedi master in his original Empire, crazy cute-n-funny puppet version of himself!

Crazy cute! And delightfully delicious...for grown-ups.

You could make a virgin cocktail alternative with the young'uns using a favorite lime or citrus flavored soda, or another kind of light colored soda mixed with some fresh squeezed lime juice. Just decorate and garnish with the limes in the same manner, but prolly skip the salt.

Plenty of guests (especially all those artist type friends of mine), really enjoyed getting to draw Yoda faces on their cups. And it works brilliantly for cup identification, too.

Mmm, yes. Yoda portraits a fingerprint are.

And just check out those lightsaber swizzle sticks. That's right, I'm just that nerdy! And totally worth it! A bit of paper, and bit of hot glue, and everyone is a Jedi. Thanks, Yoda!

Now, armed with the teachings of the Force by the master Yoda-rita, we are prepared to meet the Dark Side. What treacherous fiends await us tomorrow? Check back to see! Pin It


Kelley said...

ha ha! Those are seriously awesome! Hope you had a lovely birthday.

Kate Dolamore said...


Choolie said...

We were at a loss wondering how to celebrate May the Fourth Be With You and Cinco de Mayo. BINGO. You are a genius! "Mmm, yes. Yoda portraits a fingerprint are." LOL! Thank you thank you!