Monday, September 13, 2010

An Empire Strikes Back Birthday: Episode I -- Wampa Cake

Last week, I celebrated my 30th year. And not many months ago, The Empire Strikes Back celebrated its 30th year as well. Coincidence? Hmmm...maybe, but maybe not.

So, when it came to party ideas, it only seemed natural to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the triumph of the Dark Side on both accounts!

After all, my family has a history of being in love with Empire. I come by it naturally...

I mean, did you see this Hoth playset my mom built from the pattern in Woman's Day back in 1980? You know, the one she somehow built secretly for two months, hiding it from my brothers when they weren't at school, all while caring for newborn infant me (how did she do that? I have zero kids and I can't find the time to do that!)...

This was the most insanely awesome playset we ever had in our house. Period. Wampa cave! Rubber glove trampoline! It was awesome! And it definitely played a part in cementing my love for Empire and homemade DIY crafts.

Now, an Empire party -- perfect way to celebrate both loves!

This week I'll be posting pictures of my spectacular The Empire Strikes Back themed 30th birthday celebration for grown-ups and all of the homemade crafty, nerdy goodness that made it so. That's right, Monday to Friday -- all Empire -- Mynocks to Fett comma Boba.

Like this Wampa birthday cake you see here.

Complete with a cherry preserves filled sliced arm!

Made with my mom's classic sour cream pound cake recipe shaped into an Alicia style Wampa, buttercream icing, and one very forgiving decorating style -- I'm tempted to make only shaggy monster cakes from now on.

Hmmm, what creature might we encounter next?!?! Tune in tomorrow for more Empire Birthday goodies!

*Oh and here's a little shout out for the week to my friend, Paul Adam, who so generously gave me permission to post his (way better) photos of the shindig. Plus, when I'm hostessing, I never ever take photos (too busy chatting it up), so good thing he was there! Thanks, Paul!
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Kate Dolamore said...

Whoa I can't believe that Woman's Day play set was... a thing... that happened! How cool were the 80s??
And that cake is amazing!

Isabella Oliveira said...

Hi!!! That does seem pretty amazing, I think moms in the 80's had to have some kind of multitasking ability. Did you get to play with the set? I couldnt play with my brothers toys, GI JOE and He-man was a no-no and I had to beg for LEGOS. Your childhood seems like heaven to me!lol
The cake looks great! Is there anyway to get this recipe?

alicia policia said...

I did get to play with the set. I had my own GI Joe, Star Wars, and He-Man toys in addition to my dolls (mostly, I was in charge of the girl characters, becasue I liked them best), but it was a totally fun set to play with.

It got destroyed over the years by our cats, who loved to sleep in it and use it to sharpen claws, so it's no longer around. : (

I'll have to ask my mom about posting the recipe since it's hers to share -- maybe so!

Anonymous said...

OMG, the force is very strong with you! I found your pinata and Yoda-rita pics on Flickr, too. You need to post all the details. What other food did you make/serve?

alicia policia said...

Hi and thanks, Anonymous -- check out today's post for more Star Wars tasty treats.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Found you through my cousin Emma- I cannot tell you how badly we need to be friends! :)Grew up as the youngest of 6-with 3 older brothers obsessed with Star Wars. NO one understood my subsequent love of all things Star hubby and I were avid collectors, until kids came along-now our kids(especially the boys) are fanatics! Your wampa cake is so freakin' awesome I cannot even comment enough on its awesomeness!10 year old sons bday next week-doing a lego cake, but maybe next year? last year it was a Yoda cake...on that note-you rock!-Stephanie

davidjamescole said...

that is the most awesome playset i have ever seen. i am beyond jealous.