Friday, July 30, 2010


And the living is easy.

Yup. It's a pie post. Because it's summertime. And summertime is pie time.

My mother-in-law visited last week, and she was telling me how when she was little they had a cherry tree in their yard, and her mother would make fresh cherry pie with the fruit, and that it was the best! Which made me realize I don't know if I've ever had a 'fresh' cherry pie full of just-minutes-ago-newly-pitted and chopped cherries.


Maybe I oughta make one...

I didn't have sour cherries available though. So I used this recipe for a bing cherry pie.

It turned out pretty durned good - a tad on the soupy side, but then I also couldn't let it cool for three hours. Who can wait that long to eat a fresh pie?

A kitten cat came by to help with photos. Then changed her mind and decided to laze about on the window sill and dream about catching all those birdies in the yard.

And now that a pie has been made and tasted, it is time to easily lie about with a sketchbook and some fluffy kitten belly lazing nearby. And perhaps listen to some Sam Cooke all the while.

Ahhh! I do love summer.
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Suzie said...

you're killing me. want to nibble both pie and kitten. nom.

beadgirl said...

yum. I used my sour cherries to make jam this year, and I have a few more in the freezer to mix into chocolate cookies, but next summer I'll do a pie.