Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Musical Musings on Mandukhai

Hooray for my first album cover! I was lucky enough to get to provide the artwork for Opposite Day's Mandukhai EP (I know, technically not an album, but whatevs -- there's nine songs on it, which is longer than a lot of real 'albums' I own!).

That meant I got to illustrate and research Mandukhai, the Mongolian warrior queen, which meant I got to research Mongolian dress, which was incredibly fun to do, (especially since that meant I got to use my beloved 1957 World Book Encyclopedia Vol. 4 'D' -- my favorite one!), but most importantly I got to work with a really cool, fun, and talented band.

I think the songs Carrots! and the eponimous track are my favs on this one.

The sad part about this job is, my hard drive crashed right after finishing it, and while I do have some versions of the work backed up, I lost some earlier versions, research, and sketches. : ( Noooo!

Oh, and I lost the ability to post the original art here (can't read that file type on this computer and the jpegs I have kept coming up too small and pixely - yuck!), hence the photo and the jewelcase which I'm-not-completely-sure-it-comes-in-but-hey-it-looked-better-than-photographing-a-piece-of-paper-so-there-you-go!

Stupid computer crash! Blargh. Just another reason to switch back to analog art, eh?

P.S. - Check them out in person - Hole in the Wall on 7/24 in Austin! Pin It

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Anonymous said...

I'm crazy about this cover art. Hopefully it will one day make it to a t-shirt.