Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cari & Lawrence's Custom Coloring Book

Remember how I made my own custom wedding coloring book for my wedding? You know, it was included in ye big olde DIY wedding post back over yonder (and was a great-big-old absolute hit with our guests)?

Well, as you can see here, I now make them for other couples, too! The first of which I get to share with you here (via the photography of Whitney Lee) is the lovely couple of Cari and Lawrence. Ta-daa!

Cari was a lot of fun to work with, and gave me some really cute details to work into the book -- pictures of their doggies, details on colors, hobbies, and favorites. And I especially enjoyed drawing Cari's fabulous fashions (Lawrence's too, but I'm a sucker for drawing girly clothing and hairstyles).

And from what I see from the photos, they had a fabulous party, too! What a gorgeous and colorful spread of goodies they have!

Much thanks again to the beautiful and talented Whitney Lee of Whitney Lee Photography (whose company I happened to use for my own wedding) for making this post possible with her gorgeous pics! Not only were my own amateur photos of this beautiful book bafflingly botched, but they are also lost in the land of crashed hard drive. D : Thank goodness for Whitney!

Plus, it's so much more fun to see the final product nestled in and tied together at the actual happy occasion.

And if there are any other couples looking for a perfect guest gift that is truly personal, drop me an e-mail. I have some more custom coloring books on the to-do list, but I very well may be able to squeeze you in! Pin It

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