Friday, July 30, 2010


And the living is easy.

Yup. It's a pie post. Because it's summertime. And summertime is pie time.

My mother-in-law visited last week, and she was telling me how when she was little they had a cherry tree in their yard, and her mother would make fresh cherry pie with the fruit, and that it was the best! Which made me realize I don't know if I've ever had a 'fresh' cherry pie full of just-minutes-ago-newly-pitted and chopped cherries.


Maybe I oughta make one...

I didn't have sour cherries available though. So I used this recipe for a bing cherry pie.

It turned out pretty durned good - a tad on the soupy side, but then I also couldn't let it cool for three hours. Who can wait that long to eat a fresh pie?

A kitten cat came by to help with photos. Then changed her mind and decided to laze about on the window sill and dream about catching all those birdies in the yard.

And now that a pie has been made and tasted, it is time to easily lie about with a sketchbook and some fluffy kitten belly lazing nearby. And perhaps listen to some Sam Cooke all the while.

Ahhh! I do love summer.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cari & Lawrence's Custom Coloring Book

Remember how I made my own custom wedding coloring book for my wedding? You know, it was included in ye big olde DIY wedding post back over yonder (and was a great-big-old absolute hit with our guests)?

Well, as you can see here, I now make them for other couples, too! The first of which I get to share with you here (via the photography of Whitney Lee) is the lovely couple of Cari and Lawrence. Ta-daa!

Cari was a lot of fun to work with, and gave me some really cute details to work into the book -- pictures of their doggies, details on colors, hobbies, and favorites. And I especially enjoyed drawing Cari's fabulous fashions (Lawrence's too, but I'm a sucker for drawing girly clothing and hairstyles).

And from what I see from the photos, they had a fabulous party, too! What a gorgeous and colorful spread of goodies they have!

Much thanks again to the beautiful and talented Whitney Lee of Whitney Lee Photography (whose company I happened to use for my own wedding) for making this post possible with her gorgeous pics! Not only were my own amateur photos of this beautiful book bafflingly botched, but they are also lost in the land of crashed hard drive. D : Thank goodness for Whitney!

Plus, it's so much more fun to see the final product nestled in and tied together at the actual happy occasion.

And if there are any other couples looking for a perfect guest gift that is truly personal, drop me an e-mail. I have some more custom coloring books on the to-do list, but I very well may be able to squeeze you in! Pin It

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sneak Peek

I thought I'd share a sneak peek of the piece I'm working on now. I'm very pleased with how it's coming along. So! Cute!

Any guess on what this project is? Some free Alicia artwork is in it for ya if you guess correctly (first correct guess wins)!

I must say that the combination of having my hard drive fail me and having so many studio and art supplies (still!) lost in the unpacked, shuffled mess of moving might have been the best thing that could've happened to me art-wise.

Not only have I made myself stick to analog art (oh! I had forgotten how much I love it so!), but with boxes and bags of supplies still sitting unpacked, I've gone back to some of my old school techniques, and it is so satisfying.

Who needs computers and tablets when I have my trusty Bic disposable mechanical pencil! Oh wait... I reckon you need a computer to blog, right? Wah-waaaah!*sad trombone sound* Pin It

Friday, July 16, 2010

'Official' Brain Slug Cupcakes

This just in via the CRAFTzine blog via BoingBoing: Brain slug cupcakes were featured at a Futurama table reading!

Not as fabulous as if I had made them some myself, I'm sure ; ) . But still I'm honored that some semblance of my cupcake made it all the way to the cast. Futurama guys, next time just drop me a line! I'm happy to make cakes for free to those who bring me joy.

And in case you missed it back in January, see the original brain Slug Cupcakes a la moi right here!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Musical Musings on Mandukhai

Hooray for my first album cover! I was lucky enough to get to provide the artwork for Opposite Day's Mandukhai EP (I know, technically not an album, but whatevs -- there's nine songs on it, which is longer than a lot of real 'albums' I own!).

That meant I got to illustrate and research Mandukhai, the Mongolian warrior queen, which meant I got to research Mongolian dress, which was incredibly fun to do, (especially since that meant I got to use my beloved 1957 World Book Encyclopedia Vol. 4 'D' -- my favorite one!), but most importantly I got to work with a really cool, fun, and talented band.

I think the songs Carrots! and the eponimous track are my favs on this one.

The sad part about this job is, my hard drive crashed right after finishing it, and while I do have some versions of the work backed up, I lost some earlier versions, research, and sketches. : ( Noooo!

Oh, and I lost the ability to post the original art here (can't read that file type on this computer and the jpegs I have kept coming up too small and pixely - yuck!), hence the photo and the jewelcase which I'm-not-completely-sure-it-comes-in-but-hey-it-looked-better-than-photographing-a-piece-of-paper-so-there-you-go!

Stupid computer crash! Blargh. Just another reason to switch back to analog art, eh?

P.S. - Check them out in person - Hole in the Wall on 7/24 in Austin! Pin It

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hoot Do You Love?

Hope everyone had a wonderful and lovely Fourth of july weekend. I surely did, and now the fun is over and it's back to work, Bruce!*

In my family, the Fourth of July weekend isn't just a big deal because it's the anniversary of our country's independence. It also happens to be my parents' wedding anniversary weekend (39 years!)...

...And the weekend of my first date with my husband (six years ago now)...

...And the weekend of the anniversary of our engagement (two years ago now)...

...And it's only one weekend before my brother and sister-in-law's wedding anniversary, so that kinda counts, right?

Have I ever mentioned that I am a SUPER WIZARD when it comes to remembering dates? Seriously. I remember just about everyone's birth date. Anniversaries. The day my cat died in 1994 (March 3rd, by the way).

Anyway, so I reckon you could say that I was more inspired by the anniversaries a-go-go going on than the stars and stripes, because I ended up painting up some lovey-dovey owls all nestled in a tree. Awww!

They're even surrounded by 39 leaves, in honor of my parents' 39 years together. Awww, again!

Here's to anniversaries of good things, be they weddings, first dates, or that time that we declared our independence from England. All good things!

*No one ever gets this quote unless they worked on A Scanner Darkly or are Philip K. Dick, obsessed, but hey, it's been ingrained into my everyday vernacular now. Pin It