Friday, June 25, 2010

Long Live the King

Of Pop!

Haters can hate, but Michael Jackson was my first concert ever (It was in 1984 for the Victory Tour, and I was three! And yes, I remember was awesome!!!), and thus he and his music and dancing will always have a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I have been wanting to pay tribute via painting to the King of Pop for the past year, but never got past doodles. So today, I sat down and made myself paint SOMETHING. I had to. It's been a whole flipping year now I've been wanting to paint somehting a la MJ.

And here it is.

Is it as intricate and complex and wonderful as I had planned? No.

But listening to his music whilst I painted this simple cartoony 'Beat It' costume inspired portrait was a right nice way to spend the day and remember the bits of my life that had Michael Jackson singing the soundtrack.

I should paint more often... I like it.

Excuse the cruddy iPhone pic (waiting for a new camera...someday. Sigh.). I'll try to post a decent photo either here or to my flickr later.

Gouache on wood.
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Very nice, and you chose to show him in his prime too!