Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Honky Tonkin' Hank Williams Cake

Son of a gun, this cake was fun! And delicious!*

My friend, Emma -- yes, the same Emma of Tom Selleck Cake fame, had another birthday. Fancy that! So it was time for another cake fest. Hmmmm, what to make, what to make....

I know! Hank!

Emma and I brain twin bonded oh-so-many years ago over our love for (horribly but lovingly) yodeling out Hank Sr. tunes (this one in particular), and what with her b-day celebration being a BBQ, I figured a country themed cake of some sort was fitting.

I drew up this pastel portrait (get that? It's a pun because pastel is Spanish for a cake, and this is a cake AND it has pastel colors.... eh? Eh?!?), threw in a few doodles for little booze, a little music, a little love, and a little lovesick in the background to fun it up and to make it truly Hank, and there you go. Happy Hank-day!

And it was a great excuse to listen to hours and hours of Hank and other classic country for inspiration. Bonus!

And of course, me being me, I do have some quibbles with my cake work. Some wonkiness. Some color conundrums. My sketch was better...Sigh.

I'd have liked maybe one more hour to tweak and smooth and not be rushed, but as it was, I finished this at the exact minute the party started, so there was no time for my perfectionism. Boo!

But I still love it. Yay!

But I still need to remember to iron my tablecloths more often. Boo!

As for the the technical cake and baking part, it's a brown sugar nut cake recipe (from my mama) covered in cream cheese icing. The decorated bits are done a la my mama's cake technique with buttercream on top of that (thinly), as cream cheese icing likes to melt too much for decorating least for my skill set it does.

I cannot stress enough that this cake was delicious -- a definite crowd pleaser and I soooo will be making it again. And again. And again.

So there you have it. A honky tonkin' good cake of a honky tonkin' good artist for a honky tonkin' good friend!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Long Live the King

Of Pop!

Haters can hate, but Michael Jackson was my first concert ever (It was in 1984 for the Victory Tour, and I was three! And yes, I remember was awesome!!!), and thus he and his music and dancing will always have a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I have been wanting to pay tribute via painting to the King of Pop for the past year, but never got past doodles. So today, I sat down and made myself paint SOMETHING. I had to. It's been a whole flipping year now I've been wanting to paint somehting a la MJ.

And here it is.

Is it as intricate and complex and wonderful as I had planned? No.

But listening to his music whilst I painted this simple cartoony 'Beat It' costume inspired portrait was a right nice way to spend the day and remember the bits of my life that had Michael Jackson singing the soundtrack.

I should paint more often... I like it.

Excuse the cruddy iPhone pic (waiting for a new camera...someday. Sigh.). I'll try to post a decent photo either here or to my flickr later.

Gouache on wood.
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