Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW Induced Sketchbook Flashbacks of Cartoon Kitty Cats

Tomorrow a friend of mine, Casey Shea, is playing a day show here in Austin as part of SXSW. I'll be there, enjoying a taste of this year's SXSW offerings (no pass for me this year -- boo!) and enjoying the musical skills of a friend from long ago.

Casey and I went to school together way back when. Our schtick was that we were continually battling each other for the title of 'Best Artist in the World.' In 1991, this involved many a drawing of Garfield, with an occasional Batman or character from 90210.

As the years progressed, I stuck with the visual art world, and Casey ventured over into the audible arts. And title of "Best Artist in the World" still remains officially undecided.

I tried very hard to find our competing sketches of Jason Priestly to share with you for the occasion, so that you, the all knowing public could help decide the champion.

And where is that sheet of paper with our dueling Batman's on it (mine was mocking labeled 'BatWOman' and given bows on his cowl by our peer judges at the time for his incredibly feminine physique)?

Alas, no hideous Jason Priestly's, and no dueling Batmen.

But I did find a Garfield of Casey's and a Catwoman of mine... So, cartoon cat characters it is. Enjoy!

Nice knock-knees, there, Selina.
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