Friday, January 8, 2010

Old Cats, Old Tricks, New Year

My mantra for 2010 thus far? Everything old is new again. Hello again old recipes, old clothes, old fabric, old paints, old pictures, old stores, and old blogs. Welcome back my old ways of life! Welcome to the new year, and a new beginning. I hope you become a part of my life again. I missed you.

Last year was equal parts crazy and good, and all so new, new, new. This year I'm looking for some familiarity. Get reacquainted with my own ways.

Old hat, old cats, old tricks, and a new year. Why, speak of the devil, here comes some old photos now!

These cat cupcakes were hiding back in 2009. Really. I just found these pictures last week! They are now almost one year old photos (poorly lit ones at that, but hey, it gets dark earlier in January...). I made them for my friend, Elizabeth's, birthday, cat lover she is.

They were piƱa colada flavored with coconut buttercream icing and made use of chocolate sprinkles, mini-Spree candies, Swedish Fish, and melted and molded strawberry Starburst candy for decor. I also made some devouring gummi penguins.

And if I remember correctly, they were quite the hit!

Ahhhh! It feels good to have found them and shared them. Now I want to make something new. I'm inspired. Good job, old way of life! You made me want to return to how I was getting things done.

Next up, back to my good ol' art makin', critter sewin', flickr postin', etsy sellin' ways. Whoop!!!
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Those are so completely rad I am at a loss for words! I don't even think I could bring myself to eat one!

Unknown said...

I have just found you and I love you and all of your amazing goodies. thank you for existing.