Friday, December 18, 2009

I Believe in a Blue Genie this Christmas.

The big Blue Genie Christmas Bazaar write up complete with photos I promised last post? Well, bad news my friends... I mistakenly deleted all the photos on my photo card, and yeah. Ugh! Not the first time I've done such a thing, either...

No pictures, no big write up, and no time to do it all over. That makes me a sad, sad, panda. : (

However, that shouldn't prevent you from stopping by this weekend (the last weekend to do so) to check out awesome artwork, jewelry and wares with your own eyes! Fantastic work by the likes of Travis Nichols, Liz Potter of ¡Bolsa Bonita!, Will Heron, Leigh Elena, Kristin Hogan (aka Dead Squirrel Girl), the folks at Bearded Lady, and of course, the super crazy talented folks of Blue Genie themselves.

Seriously, there's so many great artists and craftspeople there. I tried writing this thing up listing even more fab craftspeeps, but it would end up so big and daunting a list, that you might not even pay attention to it.

So go! Get out there and shop, shop, shop, and make it a handmade holiday!

Open 10-10 Sunday-Thursday, 10-midnight Friday & Saturday and 10-6 on Christmas Eve! At the Monarch Event Center. And as always it's FREE!!!
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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Blue Genie Preview Post

A short but sweet snapshot (thanks nifty iPhone polaroid app!) reminding those who may be on or around Austin this month to check out the Blue Genie Art Bazaar over at the Monarch Event Center. It's happening right now until the 24th! Yay!

I hope to do a bigger write up with pics, links and all the trimmings about the various fabulous artists next week, but for now, with limited time and camera resources, I figured I'd stick with a snippet of one of my latest projects. Enjoy!
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