Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Here's yourself a sparkly spring rainbow of vintage buttons to entice folks to get cleaning -- you never know what lovely thing you had tucked away in that cigar box in the closet!

These were my grandmother's. She gave me her whole stash (just a sliver of which is pictured here) when she decided she never wanted to sew a buttonhole again. Lucky me!

They turned up again during my spring cleaning, and I couldn't resist looking through and picking out some favorites to share.

I tell myself I'll use them for family projects and on precious clothing for future kids, but I like them all together in a box, too. It's like a little treasure box.

And they still smell like her house. That's the best part.


Back to spring cleaning so I can work without climbing over a mountain of craft, and so that I can make the big move soon, and so I can prevent my fiancé from calling things off when I show up to our new house with two houses worth of crap. : P

But the button box stays. And the fabric, and the sketchbooks, and the patterns, and the.....
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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love old sewing trims. I definitely collect them more than I use them as of late.

Good luck with the sort! (Your craft stuff + G's biking and car stuff = 2 houses + 2 garages) :)