Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of Wedding Crafts and Construction Woes

Yet another month has flown right on by, and here I am closer than ever to all sorts of deadlines.  Freelance project deadlines.  Wedding related deadlines. Moving deadlines.  Sanity deadlines.... My plate doth overflow with 'to-do's'. 

So what does a girl do when she has to stay put in her pad whilst communicating with construction workers who are trying to replace her windows and doors and are conducting very loud and distracting work in general (annoyingly a very short while before she's moving out, thank you very much, management...)?  

She cracks down on some light wedding crafting to-do's!

These little blooms here are my attempt to create some traditional orange blossoms for wedding time.  

I absolutely love the look of vintage orange blossom wedding wreaths, plus I love the idea that they can be a small representation of my native Florida (state flower, y'all!).  

Sadly, actual vintage orange blossom pieces I have found are too expensive for my budget or too frail to actually wear again.  And, I have to admit, they're a touch more 'victorian' than my event, so I'm trying my hand to see if I can make something a bit more modern, but still classic.
Since I'm not too keen on the wax sculpting,  I figured I'd give polymer a chance here - these are from a  pearly and translucent mixture. I also have plans to use some millinery leaves and semi precious stone and pearl beads I already have to fancy it all up, and wire it to a comb.  Perhaps.  
I dunno.  It might not turning out to be my style.  Or maybe I'll come up with something I like better, or maybe, just maybe, the perfect vintage piece with a nice price tag will drop in my lap and save me one to-do. 

We'll see what happens! 
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Here's yourself a sparkly spring rainbow of vintage buttons to entice folks to get cleaning -- you never know what lovely thing you had tucked away in that cigar box in the closet!

These were my grandmother's. She gave me her whole stash (just a sliver of which is pictured here) when she decided she never wanted to sew a buttonhole again. Lucky me!

They turned up again during my spring cleaning, and I couldn't resist looking through and picking out some favorites to share.

I tell myself I'll use them for family projects and on precious clothing for future kids, but I like them all together in a box, too. It's like a little treasure box.

And they still smell like her house. That's the best part.


Back to spring cleaning so I can work without climbing over a mountain of craft, and so that I can make the big move soon, and so I can prevent my fiancé from calling things off when I show up to our new house with two houses worth of crap. : P

But the button box stays. And the fabric, and the sketchbooks, and the patterns, and the.....
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