Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearin' O' the Green

I know by now, everyone who is celebrating St. Patrick's day is starting to slump into a Guinness and green beer pile of celebration, so this drawing may seem a tad late. 

But that's because I've been pretty darned sick the last couple of days (as in on again off again fevery chills), so, yeah...  I actually drew this up whilst bed resting and doodling along in my sketchbook.  When I was feeling better, I scanned it and digitally colored it.  And I like it! 

I think it's the first time I've ever posted something that style wise looks more like what most of my sketchbooks look like. Meaning, it's pencil, and very liney and simple.

Although my sketchbooks are hardly ever colored, and they generally contain far more, um... 'bizarre' drawings than this sweet little clover laden lady here. Far more bizarre, or far more cutesy, depending on my mood. 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm glad I got to feel better enough to slouch out of bed to make a post.  Yay! Let's hope I'm all better in time for the Craftster SXSW day show on Friday, and the family wedding out of town Saturday (and the other one the Saturday after this one... everyone's gettin' hitched!). 
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Anonymous said...

A great piece of art work. why don't you consider publishing more of your drawings.

merbear said...

I love it! I wish I had hair like that.

Anonymous said...

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