Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Awww, what a cute little staple-gator we have here!  And what is a staple-gator, you may ask?

Well, he happens to be the pseudo mascot of STAPLE! -- an indie art and media convention hosted annually here in Austin, and it's going on for the fifth time this Saturday.  

This here is just my old school inspired interpretation of the little fella I whipped up for the occasion of this very blog post.  Every artist sees him his (or her) own way, and I just happen to see him with Pac-Man eyes... 

Sooo, if you happen to be in Austin this weekend, make sure you check out this li'l groovy shindig for yourself.  It's being held over at the  Monarch Events Center and there will be gads and gads of comics, zines, books, original artwork, and even commissioned sketches there on the spot. Yippee!

I'm also stoked about the fact that Stan Sakai and Jeffrey Brown will be there in addition to some good and super talented friends of mine like Paul Adam, Kevin Peake, Kennon James and Zach Taylor (to just name a few). Last time I was able to go it was a while back, but I got to see the incredible Tony Millionaire in action.  Super fun!
Oh, and don't miss the live art after-party and KOOP benefit! I've never been able to make it to this part in previous years, but I've heard that it is an absolute legendary blast.  I may even do some live artin' myself. 

Aaaahhhhhhh! I loves me some art! 
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