Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

Ladies and gentlemen, for my latest foray into 'unappetizing icing' (see my previous infamous creation: the Tom Selleck cake), I present to you my Frank Zappa Utility Muffins complete with yellow snow!

It's actually just some food coloring and sprinkles on lemon buttercream icing. No bodily fluids were involved.

And for those of you left scratching your heads.... So, it was my sweetie guy's birthday, and he is a big time Frank Zappa fan. Big time. One of Zappa's well known songs is 'Don't Eat the Yellow Snow' of the Nanook of the North song saga. It tells the tale of Nanook the eskimo, his mama, huskies, and yes, yellow snow. Inspiration struck me when I found myself without the time to bake up a cake shaped like Frank Zappa's head. That's when I thought of making up some Zappa party picks to top off the 'yellow snow' capped cupcakes. Or as our friend, Paul, noted, they should really be called 'Utility Muffins.'

They were also far more portable, so we easily brought them into the pub for snacking. Win! Good thing I didn't carry out the massive Zappa portrait in frosting, then.

I drew up the Frank myself, printed it out on cardstock, circle punched the suckers out, and glued them into a fringed crepe paper and toothpick sandwich. Taa-daa! My friend, Jennifer, even made her own version for her dad's 60th birthday party. Super cute!

And on the baking end, I also doctored some cake mix (I know -- blasphemy! But I had not the time!) into a very lemony cake, and used Amy Sedaris' lemon buttercream icing recipe. Very yummy. Very quick. Very easy. I forgot to remove the paper liners from the foil cups though. Duh!I like to think that both Frank Zappa and Amy Sedaris would get a kick out of urination themed cupcakes, right? At least I'll tell myself that. I know we all enoyed them very much, and most importantly, my sweetie guy was totally surprised and thrilled.

And nobody rubbed them into anybody's eyes. But we did jab the picks into some sausage. Mmmmm! Sausage and cupcakes!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to Blog and Happy Darwintine's Day!

Well, hello there! It's been a darned long time!

It's nice to be back. It's been 3.5 months consisting of a bajillion projects, 1,000+ unread blog posts on my Google reader (seriously), hundreds of softies sewn, stuffed, and sold, about 5 trips out of town, 4 birthday cake projects, 3 friends engaged, 2 friends with new babies, 1 family illness (all is well now, thank goodness!), 1 mugged friend, 1 newly gained iPhone, and sadly, 0 blog posts. 

So the gist of it has been craziness + busy-ness. But I'm back. Ahhhh!

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year time, and that all finds you well on this lovely Darwin Day

To celebrate, here's a little last minute Darwin inspired valentine I sketched up about a year ago, and decided to finish up as a quickie for today's special occasion.

It's not every year a dead scientist turns 200, you know. Happy Darwintine's Day!
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