Friday, December 18, 2009

I Believe in a Blue Genie this Christmas.

The big Blue Genie Christmas Bazaar write up complete with photos I promised last post? Well, bad news my friends... I mistakenly deleted all the photos on my photo card, and yeah. Ugh! Not the first time I've done such a thing, either...

No pictures, no big write up, and no time to do it all over. That makes me a sad, sad, panda. : (

However, that shouldn't prevent you from stopping by this weekend (the last weekend to do so) to check out awesome artwork, jewelry and wares with your own eyes! Fantastic work by the likes of Travis Nichols, Liz Potter of ¡Bolsa Bonita!, Will Heron, Leigh Elena, Kristin Hogan (aka Dead Squirrel Girl), the folks at Bearded Lady, and of course, the super crazy talented folks of Blue Genie themselves.

Seriously, there's so many great artists and craftspeople there. I tried writing this thing up listing even more fab craftspeeps, but it would end up so big and daunting a list, that you might not even pay attention to it.

So go! Get out there and shop, shop, shop, and make it a handmade holiday!

Open 10-10 Sunday-Thursday, 10-midnight Friday & Saturday and 10-6 on Christmas Eve! At the Monarch Event Center. And as always it's FREE!!!
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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Blue Genie Preview Post

A short but sweet snapshot (thanks nifty iPhone polaroid app!) reminding those who may be on or around Austin this month to check out the Blue Genie Art Bazaar over at the Monarch Event Center. It's happening right now until the 24th! Yay!

I hope to do a bigger write up with pics, links and all the trimmings about the various fabulous artists next week, but for now, with limited time and camera resources, I figured I'd stick with a snippet of one of my latest projects. Enjoy!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Hope you enjoy today's greatness!

And I hope you enjoy this quickie li'l thanxie girl I whipped up as much as she enjoys her pecan pie. I know I have soooo much to be thankful for this year, and I plan on reflecting on that whilst enjoying today's delicious symbols of plenty... which happens includes pecan pie as well. Mmmmm!
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Of Birds, Babies, and Bazaars

"Hooray for babies!"

That's what those clouds up there are saying. Yup!

I don't know what's in the water in this town (maybe those mysterious 'algae blooms' everyone talks about, right?), but I must know of about a dozen or so couples who are expecting little bundles of baby this winter, and then there's the handful of babies I know who were born in October during my honeymoon hiatus. Lotsa babies, all right!

So, surrounding babymania + upcoming Blue Genie Art Bazaar + a desperation to make new art after taking most of the year off = totally cute little birdie family! Awww, how 'tweet!' (ha, ha, get it? Like 'sweet' but bird related... Haa! I kill me.)

Aside from being very handy little welcoming wall art for all of my friends' little ones, the birdies will totes be available at the bazaar, and perhaps (if there's enough interest from those not in Austin over the holidays), I may just post it to the dusty ol' etsy shop as well.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'The Big Fat Wedding Post,' or 'What I Was Doing For The Last Year Or So'

I've been feeling really guilty about the rampant blog neglect I've suffered throughout this year. Really, really guilty.

'Oooh! I should really post something!" I'd tell myself, only to be followed by my telling myself, "No, I should wait for the right time to come," because what I was working on was always either secret new designs for Sublime Stitching, or something wedding related that I wanted to be a surprise for all.

And now, here I sit, wedding over and done with, embroidery patterns published, working away in preparation for this year's Blue Genie Art Bazaar, my own photo cards full from honeymoon pictures, and all of a sudden my secret little wedding projects arrive in my mailbox in photo form! What a perfect chance to share what I've been doing for much of the last year or so without ruining any surprises!

Luckily, my lovely, talented, and all around wonderfully awesome photographer, Leah Muse of Whitney Lee Photography, has given me permission to share my work via blog using the beautimous photos she took (which are soooo infinitely better than my sad iPhone photo attempts!). Super thanks to you, Leah, for such great work and niceness!

And so, dear blog readers, here's what I've been working on instead of keeping up on my craft blogging. I'm making up for it all at once!

As you may have figured out from the above photo, this guy here is our Autograph Cat. I made this li'l guy (inspired by 'autograph hounds' of old) as an addition to the guest recording tradition.

Oh, how I heard many times during the reception that attempts to sign the butt were thwarted, as my little brother grabbed that spot for himself first.

And I've already posted my own terrible photo of my birds last time, but here they are looking far, far better, and in context keeping favors and such company.

Speaking of favors... I drew up five different button pin designs to match everything else: lovebirds, a dancing Texas, excited bride and groom cats, flowers and blobbies as featured in my overall 'design motif ', and the saying The Happier the Better,' infamously coined by my friend and bridesmaid, Emma (of Tom Selleck cake fame).

The pins topped off packages of jordan almonds tied up with various ribbons. I know, I know.... jordan almonds are a lame cliche that cool weddings don't include. But I absolutely love them! So they were included in the 'favor suite' of almonds, pins, and COLORING BOOKS!

Yes. Custom, Alicia-illustrated, 24 page coloring books! With puzzles! And activities! And family trees! Bridal party inside jokes! Crayons included!

This I was most excited about working on during the entire wedding planning period, and what I would consider one of the biggest hits of the evening (aside from getting married). It was so worth it.

Next up are the table and escort cards. We came up with various garden plants and animals for each table name in Spanish as a nod to my Cuban side.

I illustrated them in the same manner as the invitations, programs, etc. Then we printed, tented, and assembled them, stick some drop dead gorgeous flower arrangements nearby, and ta-da!

We even slipped in some inside jokes and family references, like the hippofrig below -- a creature created by my grandmother, Gammon, that is a staple in my family.

And I just have to give a million kudos to Scott Jenkins from The Flower Bucket while I'm at it -- he's the one responsible for our incredible flowers and he did such a phenomenal job. I still can't believe that we were able to have such stunning flowers with our budget!

And the other stunning flowers of the evening were available thanks to my mama! She's the one who made all of these gum paste flowers to deck the wedding cake and they were just absolutely gorgeous and incredible. I'm a lucky daughter to have a mama like mine.

It was always my dream as a little girl to have a wedding cake made by my mom. She ran a catering and wedding cake business in the 80s, and boy, did she make the best cakes! However, venue contracts and such didn't allow for us to make our own cake. : (

BUT we did get to decorate it ourselves, and it turned out perfectly -- a dream come true (awww!). And our super cute squirrel and cat cake topper was made by Melabo of etsy fame, and it literally topped it all off just wonderfully.

And the groom's cake was topped off with its own piece of gum paste awesome made by my brother (returning the favor for his wedding movie poster I made) and my mom tag teaming it.

Not being fans of the whole 'strawberries and chocolate shavings on a chocolate cake' groom's cakes (seriously, where the heck did that idea come from? I had never seen that before moving to Texas... and personally, I have to say, yuck!), we opted to go with the tradition of the goofy groom's cake. That's how we do it in the South, nice and goofy and as un-weddingy as you can make it.

Hence Bossk the bounty hunter with a dirt bike! Awww, his fav Star Wars character and his fav thing to do! I think my brother did a really great job for being a gum paste novice, and my mom did a great job of sculpting that bike. Such a crafty little family.

And so, that's it for my big fat wedding craft post. Hope it makes up for the lack of posts for the year.

I'm closing it out with one the fans I made (co-opting a template from Martha Stewart but adding my own design to suit our own style), which displays the overall design motif I used pretty well.

It's funny, because it feels like there was so much more that we did than is even presented here -- invitations, save the dates, programs, the fabulous (and hard to photograph because they move) Alexander Calder inspired custom mobiles built by my husband...and on and on and on....

There was just sooo much planning and making and designing, I can't believe it's all done with. But it was an absolute blast in the end, and we were so fortunate to have a wedding celebration that was truly 'us.'

A tremendously big thank you for all the help we received from our friends and family in getting all of this done. And a bigger thanks for celebrating with us. And the biggest thanks to my husband for enduring my insanity during all of this.

For those of y'all still reading, I'll close it all with the quote from Carl Sagan that was on the back of the fans pictured above (and in our programs) -- appropriate for weddings, the holiday season coming up on us, or any day as a part of mankind in general.

"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

True that, Carl. True that.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Long Trip Down the Aisle

All those long, difficult months of planning, projects, moving and non-blogging are over. World, I'm back, and I'm a changed woman! Yes, I am now married. Yay!

I know, I know... Where have I been?

Well, I had so much on my plate, that it caused months of blog reading and writing neglect, but I am so very happy to be back and to be able to share that which I love to do. Make, sew, sketch, bake, etc.

These little birdies are all that are left of the whole flock I stitched up for my wedding time project extraganza. And there's more to come from that, believe me...

... Now, if only I could figure out the best place to take pictures in the new place, or where I unpacked my non-iPhone camera....gah!

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of Wedding Crafts and Construction Woes

Yet another month has flown right on by, and here I am closer than ever to all sorts of deadlines.  Freelance project deadlines.  Wedding related deadlines. Moving deadlines.  Sanity deadlines.... My plate doth overflow with 'to-do's'. 

So what does a girl do when she has to stay put in her pad whilst communicating with construction workers who are trying to replace her windows and doors and are conducting very loud and distracting work in general (annoyingly a very short while before she's moving out, thank you very much, management...)?  

She cracks down on some light wedding crafting to-do's!

These little blooms here are my attempt to create some traditional orange blossoms for wedding time.  

I absolutely love the look of vintage orange blossom wedding wreaths, plus I love the idea that they can be a small representation of my native Florida (state flower, y'all!).  

Sadly, actual vintage orange blossom pieces I have found are too expensive for my budget or too frail to actually wear again.  And, I have to admit, they're a touch more 'victorian' than my event, so I'm trying my hand to see if I can make something a bit more modern, but still classic.
Since I'm not too keen on the wax sculpting,  I figured I'd give polymer a chance here - these are from a  pearly and translucent mixture. I also have plans to use some millinery leaves and semi precious stone and pearl beads I already have to fancy it all up, and wire it to a comb.  Perhaps.  
I dunno.  It might not turning out to be my style.  Or maybe I'll come up with something I like better, or maybe, just maybe, the perfect vintage piece with a nice price tag will drop in my lap and save me one to-do. 

We'll see what happens! 
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Here's yourself a sparkly spring rainbow of vintage buttons to entice folks to get cleaning -- you never know what lovely thing you had tucked away in that cigar box in the closet!

These were my grandmother's. She gave me her whole stash (just a sliver of which is pictured here) when she decided she never wanted to sew a buttonhole again. Lucky me!

They turned up again during my spring cleaning, and I couldn't resist looking through and picking out some favorites to share.

I tell myself I'll use them for family projects and on precious clothing for future kids, but I like them all together in a box, too. It's like a little treasure box.

And they still smell like her house. That's the best part.


Back to spring cleaning so I can work without climbing over a mountain of craft, and so that I can make the big move soon, and so I can prevent my fiancé from calling things off when I show up to our new house with two houses worth of crap. : P

But the button box stays. And the fabric, and the sketchbooks, and the patterns, and the.....
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Tool and the New Testament

Remember the Biblical Proportions show I participated in over Easter weekend? Yes? No? You know, the show full of spectacular biblical art from Austin's most talented art peeps?

Well, I decided to go ahead and just use my never before posted brand new piece from it as a test case for blogging from my iPhone already. Whoot! A new tool to get things done!

So here you go... I give you my Mary Magdalene. There she is in all her classic Mary Magdalenism, translated through painted plush and yarn, and there be her seven demons.

Next to a head of John the Baptist..

I have to say it feels very strange posting unedited iPhone photos. It feels very rough, unfinished and exposed to me. Sigh.

I'll just have to get used to it, cuz it's better no posts at all, verdad? Sure...
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

...And A Hoppy Earth Day, Too!

I surely hope everyone is enjoying their Earth Day, reveling in pretty, pretty nature -- plants animals and all!  Looks like this here kangaroo is enjoying some tulips for the occasion. Very nice!  I wish had had some more time today to get out and about and do likewise... 

Alas, it doesn't look I'll be able to plant any plants or roll around in a meadow today, so y'all have to enjoy Earth day and all that entails on my behalf.  

I've found myself overwhelmed, yet again, in the midst of a 'wedding planning, wedding DIYing, house selling, house buying, stuff packing, stuff storing, stuff moving, work doing' octuple threat, and unfortunately that has meant that crafting and blogging and the like has taken a back seat.  Not even back's rolling around unanchored in the trunk.  

Soooo.... yeah. 

I reckon today actually is a good time to remind myself to stop, collect myself, and take a breath (I can hear the Sesame Street song in my mind... ok, it's about literally breathing, but I should still make it my mantra).  Earth Day is a perfect excuse to get out and get a breath of fresh air, right? Right!

By the way, for those of you who may be curious about the hat... Why, yes! I love Minnie Pearl

And a very happy b-day to my brother while I'm at it!
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Just stoppin' by with a quickie lacy-daisy bunny digi-doodle to say happy Easter to those of you who may not be keeled over in a chocolate coated candy coma.  

I hope other folks' day wasn't filled with coughing and thunderclaps, like my own.  How not festive, and yet, so very springtime...

And only 4 more days until taxes are over and done with! Let's hope I make it!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Biblical Proportions!

If you're in Austin this weekend, make sure to check out the Biblical Proportions art show over at Blue Genie and Bearded Lady.  

Two venues, two days, two celebrations, and two testaments. And gads upon gads of talented art folks

I have a few pieces in there (some Old, some New), but like an idiot, I didn't take any pictures of my newest piece before whisking it over there.  I'm sick, yet again, and lots of things have been slipping my sinusy mind. 

So, if you want to see my Mary Magdalene painted plush in all her yarn haired glory, you'll have to make it out to the New Testament show tomorrow evening! 
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearin' O' the Green

I know by now, everyone who is celebrating St. Patrick's day is starting to slump into a Guinness and green beer pile of celebration, so this drawing may seem a tad late. 

But that's because I've been pretty darned sick the last couple of days (as in on again off again fevery chills), so, yeah...  I actually drew this up whilst bed resting and doodling along in my sketchbook.  When I was feeling better, I scanned it and digitally colored it.  And I like it! 

I think it's the first time I've ever posted something that style wise looks more like what most of my sketchbooks look like. Meaning, it's pencil, and very liney and simple.

Although my sketchbooks are hardly ever colored, and they generally contain far more, um... 'bizarre' drawings than this sweet little clover laden lady here. Far more bizarre, or far more cutesy, depending on my mood. 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm glad I got to feel better enough to slouch out of bed to make a post.  Yay! Let's hope I'm all better in time for the Craftster SXSW day show on Friday, and the family wedding out of town Saturday (and the other one the Saturday after this one... everyone's gettin' hitched!). 
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Live + Art = Lart?

The STAPLE! Independent Media Expo and its live art after-party at Red7 was this past weekend.  I went to both, and I larted!  At least that's what my friend dubbed it ( 'lart' being short for 'live art').  I like that, and it's easier to type out and put into verb form than 'live art' so I'm sticking with lart. If I were to sing my own version of the 'La-la-la Song' from Sesame Street, I'd stick lart in there for sure. 
Whatever you call it, it was great and inspiring and fun and entertaining all at once. I met a lot of tremendously cool, kind, and talented people and helped raise some money for KOOP Radio. Yay! I was also wishing very much to have a newer better camera that rocks at high movement and low lighting situations.  No such luck on the wish fulfillment, though.

Above are some pics from the event, including Brent Peeples at work on a Joker, Stan Sakai inkin' up some Usagi, and some of the products of all the lartin' goin' on.  Below is snippet of my own piece (most of those photos came out super blurry).  It involved cats, a beehive hair do, a naked lady, and cats. Very Alician. More pics over on my flickr

I'm off to work some more whilst singing 'The La-la-la Song' now.  Ahh, Joe Raposo!  You wrote the best songs! 

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Awww, what a cute little staple-gator we have here!  And what is a staple-gator, you may ask?

Well, he happens to be the pseudo mascot of STAPLE! -- an indie art and media convention hosted annually here in Austin, and it's going on for the fifth time this Saturday.  

This here is just my old school inspired interpretation of the little fella I whipped up for the occasion of this very blog post.  Every artist sees him his (or her) own way, and I just happen to see him with Pac-Man eyes... 

Sooo, if you happen to be in Austin this weekend, make sure you check out this li'l groovy shindig for yourself.  It's being held over at the  Monarch Events Center and there will be gads and gads of comics, zines, books, original artwork, and even commissioned sketches there on the spot. Yippee!

I'm also stoked about the fact that Stan Sakai and Jeffrey Brown will be there in addition to some good and super talented friends of mine like Paul Adam, Kevin Peake, Kennon James and Zach Taylor (to just name a few). Last time I was able to go it was a while back, but I got to see the incredible Tony Millionaire in action.  Super fun!
Oh, and don't miss the live art after-party and KOOP benefit! I've never been able to make it to this part in previous years, but I've heard that it is an absolute legendary blast.  I may even do some live artin' myself. 

Aaaahhhhhhh! I loves me some art! 
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

Ladies and gentlemen, for my latest foray into 'unappetizing icing' (see my previous infamous creation: the Tom Selleck cake), I present to you my Frank Zappa Utility Muffins complete with yellow snow!

It's actually just some food coloring and sprinkles on lemon buttercream icing. No bodily fluids were involved.

And for those of you left scratching your heads.... So, it was my sweetie guy's birthday, and he is a big time Frank Zappa fan. Big time. One of Zappa's well known songs is 'Don't Eat the Yellow Snow' of the Nanook of the North song saga. It tells the tale of Nanook the eskimo, his mama, huskies, and yes, yellow snow. Inspiration struck me when I found myself without the time to bake up a cake shaped like Frank Zappa's head. That's when I thought of making up some Zappa party picks to top off the 'yellow snow' capped cupcakes. Or as our friend, Paul, noted, they should really be called 'Utility Muffins.'

They were also far more portable, so we easily brought them into the pub for snacking. Win! Good thing I didn't carry out the massive Zappa portrait in frosting, then.

I drew up the Frank myself, printed it out on cardstock, circle punched the suckers out, and glued them into a fringed crepe paper and toothpick sandwich. Taa-daa! My friend, Jennifer, even made her own version for her dad's 60th birthday party. Super cute!

And on the baking end, I also doctored some cake mix (I know -- blasphemy! But I had not the time!) into a very lemony cake, and used Amy Sedaris' lemon buttercream icing recipe. Very yummy. Very quick. Very easy. I forgot to remove the paper liners from the foil cups though. Duh!I like to think that both Frank Zappa and Amy Sedaris would get a kick out of urination themed cupcakes, right? At least I'll tell myself that. I know we all enoyed them very much, and most importantly, my sweetie guy was totally surprised and thrilled.

And nobody rubbed them into anybody's eyes. But we did jab the picks into some sausage. Mmmmm! Sausage and cupcakes!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to Blog and Happy Darwintine's Day!

Well, hello there! It's been a darned long time!

It's nice to be back. It's been 3.5 months consisting of a bajillion projects, 1,000+ unread blog posts on my Google reader (seriously), hundreds of softies sewn, stuffed, and sold, about 5 trips out of town, 4 birthday cake projects, 3 friends engaged, 2 friends with new babies, 1 family illness (all is well now, thank goodness!), 1 mugged friend, 1 newly gained iPhone, and sadly, 0 blog posts. 

So the gist of it has been craziness + busy-ness. But I'm back. Ahhhh!

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year time, and that all finds you well on this lovely Darwin Day

To celebrate, here's a little last minute Darwin inspired valentine I sketched up about a year ago, and decided to finish up as a quickie for today's special occasion.

It's not every year a dead scientist turns 200, you know. Happy Darwintine's Day!
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