Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monster of a Show at Domy Books

I have a piece up at the third annual Monster  Show at Domy Books here in Austin (there's also a shindig at their Houston location).  Come check it out!  There's an opening this Friday (Halloween!) from 7 - 9pm and it's FREE.  That's right -- no charge at all to view monster themed work from some of the best artists around. 

Afterwards, you can head over to the Magnifico show over at the Creekside Lounge.  They're a Queen cover band. And they are rad. 

I didn't post my piece here because it contains cartoon decapitation, and, well, some folks don't like that.  So that's a warning to those of you who might not enjoy cartoony violence in your monster themed artwork! 

But if you do like your artwork to be sweet but scary, cute yet creepy, girly and gory, and you love the idea of cartoon decapitation, you can go check it out over on my flickr.  

To me, it's just not Halloween without a little blood and guts.  Perhaps I peeked at one too many of my brothers' slasher flicks when I was but a wee girl...
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Jason Chalker said...

Your piece is great! I wish I could be down there for the show. Post some picks for us geographically challenged folks.


I checked it out too and of course it's awesome!