Friday, October 3, 2008


I love October. 

I love that October usually means that I get some time to spend on new projects and ideas before the holiday rush. And I love the weather. Can't beat it! I love(d) the fall color (although we don't really get much of it here). I love Halloween.  Candy and creepy, together in one.  Ahhh! What's not to love?  

Speaking of which, this girlie ghoulie and her skullish ice cream are up at the annual Spooky art show at Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth St.  Excuse the cruddy photo.  I wasn't smart enough to scan it or photograph it before it was up on the wall.  Duh. 

Anyway, go check it out, and marvel at the mad skills of artists such as Mr. C. S. Jennings, Mr. Kevin Peake, and Mr. Kennon James (to name just a few). There'll be a shindig of some sort to celebrate the spooky art on the 23 (details TBA).  

 You simply have to see it.  All I have to say is  -- Jointed.  Cowboy.  Skeleton!

Oh and li'l miss girlie ghoulie there is gouache on black bristol, if anyone is interested. 
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ZEPETIT said...

Que delicia!


LiLi said...

Delicious indeed.

Ruby said...

So cute!

Doomkat said...