Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween (and some Star Wars, too)!

Happy Halloween! As a trick on me, October flew right by and left me with no time for fun stuff like costumes and candy for Halloween.  Oh no! 

... As a treat to you, I'm sharing some of my favorite costumes from my childhood, and the theme today is the all mighty Star Wars.  Who doesn't love some Star Wars-y Halloweeny goodness?  I know I love it, and always have...

My mom made these Tusken Raider and Jawa costumes for my brothers back in 78 (I think).  It was before I was born, and I've always looked back on the photos and thought that they were the absolute coolest costumes in the world! 

Which reminds me, have mentioned that my mom is the Costume Queen?  She is.  Whatever we wanted to be for Halloween, she would make for us -- it was the best!  Indiana Jones, Nightcrawler, Darkwing Duck, a turtle, and even my lame request for a butterfly -- she made it all.  She made everything you see above that's not leather: the masks, the weapons, the robes... it makes me tired just thinking about making all of that! How the hell did she do it on top of everything else?

Once I was born, I of course, came to love Star Wars as my brothers (and all other children of the world) did. Here's me as Princess Leia for Halloween in 1983 -- complete with cinnabun hair (though it's hard to see).  I was so happy! 

And by the time my little brother came around, the rest of us had taught him well, and so he asked to be Yoda.  Although this was a store bought mask, my mom did make everything else here, including the hand painted hands and feet. She also completely redid the mask with a whole new paint job on the face to enhance his features, and changed the hair to be more sparse.  The original mask gave Yoda the equivalent of a white half afro, it had so much hair! 

So, there you go! Some Star Wars Halloween memories.  I'm closing out with the Leia pumpkin my mom made me the same year I was Leia (it's in a pumpkin contest, hence the other pumpkins...).  I loved this pumpkin.  I thought it was sooooo pretty.  I was such a little Leia worshipper! 

Maybe next year I'll get my butt in gear and create some new Halloween memories of my own.... possibly Star Wars-ian in nature.... Old habits die hard! 
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monster of a Show at Domy Books

I have a piece up at the third annual Monster  Show at Domy Books here in Austin (there's also a shindig at their Houston location).  Come check it out!  There's an opening this Friday (Halloween!) from 7 - 9pm and it's FREE.  That's right -- no charge at all to view monster themed work from some of the best artists around. 

Afterwards, you can head over to the Magnifico show over at the Creekside Lounge.  They're a Queen cover band. And they are rad. 

I didn't post my piece here because it contains cartoon decapitation, and, well, some folks don't like that.  So that's a warning to those of you who might not enjoy cartoony violence in your monster themed artwork! 

But if you do like your artwork to be sweet but scary, cute yet creepy, girly and gory, and you love the idea of cartoon decapitation, you can go check it out over on my flickr.  

To me, it's just not Halloween without a little blood and guts.  Perhaps I peeked at one too many of my brothers' slasher flicks when I was but a wee girl...
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maker Faire!

This past weekend was Maker Faire here in Austin.   If you're not familiar with Maker Faire, it's basically a ginormous gathering celebrating engineering, creativity, art, craft, and the do-it-yourself spirit. Which is an event that is 100% right up my alley. 

I didn't get to go last year (I was in Florida for my high school reunion...), and I was sooo excited about going this time around. 

It was a blast!!!  I met so many talented and friendly folks, and I left feeling so inspired by all of the DIY goodness there.  I only wish had had been able to see everything, but there was just too much to see, and I only had so much energy...   

I did make sure to take pictures (which I usually forget to do...) because I really wanted to share some of the sights, sounds, and artisans I met who put so much hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity into what they do.  I even posted my pics to a Maker Faire flickr set, like a good little girl!

And as for the sampling of projects, crafters and makers you see here in my nifty li'l photo mosaic, feel free to check out their incredible work!  They are: 

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Strings Everywhere

I haven't done an Illustration Friday topic in forevah!  So when I saw this week's theme of 'strings' I knew I wanted to draw a little something up, even if it's a super quickie digital doodle that's not particularly my favorite bit of work posted within the last few minutes of Thursday before a new theme goes up.... 

And yes, as you may have guessed, it's a bit autobiographical.

You see, there are strings of thread everywhere around here.  Everywhere.  I live on a carpet of thread snippets.  My clever kitty loves flalloping and playing amongst them, which is achingly adorable.  Although, I end up perpetually shedding threads every time I head out of the house since they're in or on everything I own. It's insane. Seriously, my doormat looks like the floor I've drawn here.  No lies.

Sigh.  I reckon such is the life of a plush artist....or at least such is the life of a very sloppy and lazy plush artist would rather see her cat roll around in the thread than sweep it up.  I mean cats + strings = instant and everlasting cuteness, after all, right? Who could resist?  Not I!  

And I would like to mention a big thank you for those mysterious people who selected this li'l blog o' mine as a 'blog of note' yesterday - oh my!  What an honor! 

And an even bigger thank you to everyone who stopped on by, left comments, and sent me emails.  All I have to say is, wowza!  I am so incredibly flattered by everyone's kind words.  

And I'm working on some things to give back to you, dear readers, so sit tight, and thank you!!!  

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Green Arrow and Black Canary Love Each Other. Awww!

Ok, so I didnt' draw this, but my fantastic super friend, David James Cole did as an engagement present to me, and it came in the mail this week (unfortunately with a new bend thanks to the mail powers that be, but fortunately it does not detract from its awesomiety)!!! 

How frikkin' sweet is that!?!?!  Super frikkin' sweet! Awww! What a cute comic couple they are! { :

I absolutely love having such incredibly talented and generous friends.  I can't wait for my mister and me to be in our very own home with the walls decked out with incredible artwork from all of our creative peeps. I am all for having a 'comic art corridor' in our own private gallery.  And this piece shall totally have a spot of honor. 

As an added bonus is, this makes me want to draw up some superheroes.  It's been FOREVER since I've drawn them, and I'm dying to do some work in my cartoon doodle style.  How I miss comics so! 

*sigh!*  So much art and craft to do, and so little time.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

gourdish ghoulies

Boo!  That's the sound of me, trying to scare the last of the cold I've had away.  Perhaps these two gourdish ghoulies will help me send it packin'. 

You may remember my cutesy gourd ghostie from last year.  Here are his cousins -- who are not quite as cutesy, but still adoreable, no?  All of the Yugoslavian finger fruits weren't as cutesy ghostie shape friendly this year, so the Creepy Cousins here come from the 'random gourds in the market'  side of the family.  I just chose two without stems, turned them upside down, and painted their little spooky faces right on.  Ta-daa!

And of course, pac-man eyes are a must. I can't get enough of them pac-man eyes. *sigh*

Speaking of spooky, make sure to check out all the spooky art at Amy's Ice Cream on 6th. It's spook-tacular fun for everyone!
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Zombies and Monsters

The (black) cat's out of the bag, now.  The new pattern sheet I designed for the spectacular Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitching is finally here.  I give you Zombies & Monsters!  And just in time for Halloween, too. Oh, and these examples here were stitched up by the talented Amy Bindel, by the by. 'Sup, talent!

Make sure to check out the rest of the designs included (vampire, werewolf, witch, mummy et al) here.  Maybe pick one up for yourself while you're at it. 

I'm totally dying to see some his and her zombie items pop up in the various Sublime Stitching photo pools. Towels and pillowcases would be cool, of course.  But I'm REALLY dying to see the his and her zombies with some wedding theme-age applied to them.  

Plus, a shotgun!!! Hello?!? Awesome zombie crafting opportunities await!

p.s.  My etsy shop has been updated!  Get your sugar skull softies and bats while they last! 
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Friday, October 3, 2008


I love October. 

I love that October usually means that I get some time to spend on new projects and ideas before the holiday rush. And I love the weather. Can't beat it! I love(d) the fall color (although we don't really get much of it here). I love Halloween.  Candy and creepy, together in one.  Ahhh! What's not to love?  

Speaking of which, this girlie ghoulie and her skullish ice cream are up at the annual Spooky art show at Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth St.  Excuse the cruddy photo.  I wasn't smart enough to scan it or photograph it before it was up on the wall.  Duh. 

Anyway, go check it out, and marvel at the mad skills of artists such as Mr. C. S. Jennings, Mr. Kevin Peake, and Mr. Kennon James (to name just a few). There'll be a shindig of some sort to celebrate the spooky art on the 23 (details TBA).  

 You simply have to see it.  All I have to say is  -- Jointed.  Cowboy.  Skeleton!

Oh and li'l miss girlie ghoulie there is gouache on black bristol, if anyone is interested. 
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