Thursday, June 26, 2008

Updatey Cakes

I know this blog has been a bit sugar skull heavy as of late, but I wanted to let folks know that more sugar skull softies have been added to my etsy shop, so there you go! I think most have been snatched up, but there are some still available (as well as some new Gammon mice).

In other news, life is very, very busy, but good. I'll be part of a show coming up soon at Flightpath, my brother is getting married, and an exciting project of mine will soon be revealed. Yay! In the past few weeks I have seen Loretta Lynn in concert, met Gary Panter, attended the Brad Neely special screening featuring Brad Neely (live!), actually spent time with friends (!), had more cacti blooms and their resulting disgusting looking and exciting seed pods, made some awesome art trades, and even more fun and exciting stuff.

June, I hardly knew ye.

Tomorrow I shall make a cake, and swim in the lake. Good times! Pin It


Anonymous said...

I love these sugar skulls. When do you think you'll have more available? I will snap them up immediately!

Kale for Sale said...

I love these too. Yes, when will you have more available? Can you do soft Tom Selleck heads? Kidding. The sugar skulls are fabulous.

Cosas de Liz said...

Hi Alicia

I love this Sugar skulls, im mexican and i adore this tradicion. Your work is perfect, original. ¡CONGRATULATIONS!