Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taking Time to Kick Back and Relax.....

This month's Crafting A Business column by Jenny Hart is up over at venuszine.com, and it's all about making sure to take time off from your business -- a very important and often overlooked part of being an indie crafter and artist. Ahh, time off! I miss you...

I was totally fantasizing about taking time off out-of-doors to laze about reading while I was working on this one. I did manage to get some outdoors time in the past couple of weeks, which was nice. Maybe I'll get some more in this weekend, although I think this weekend will be a 'I must clean the apartment because it is a ridiculous teeting pile of absolute mess and craziness' weekend. Bleh!

At least I can look forward to seeing Loretta Lynn on Friday, before the mass clean up begins. Hooray, Loretta!

p.s. Friday is my one year blog anniversary. Any suggestions for celebrating? (other than seeing Loretta Lynn, of course...) Pin It


AJ Bindel said...

I LOVE the new CAB illustration. The illustrated Jenny is just as cute as the real life Jenny. In fact, I was thinking about trying to embroider this month's illustration as a gift for Jenny. What do you think?

Congrats on the blogiversary. I have to be selfish and vote for a giveaway! Hmm...a sugar skull stuffie perhaps??


sewitsforyou said...

oh I love the new patterns you designed for Jenny...You are super talented!