Friday, May 30, 2008

Soft Rock!

So it's time for the guitar softies to get some blog love, too. I don't remember how it was I thought of them, but once the idea came to me, I was obsessed with it, dreamed about it, and went through many sketches and pattern versions before achieving a result that felt right.

I love them, and apparently so do other folks. After all, how can you resist a guitar with a sweet little face? You can't.

I'll have to make some bass guitar softies. Because if I could play any instrument in a band, I think I would pick bass. Or drums. Hmmm.... a softie drum set! Watch out -- I'm going to get carried away. Now I'm trying to think up ways for me to make a softie accordion. Keytars? I'll be going softie instrument crazy.

This weekend will consist of some more softie guitar sewing in addition to the looming art deadlines, jewelry deadline, secret project deadline, and the two friends' parties that I'm excited about, especially since I haven't really had time to hang with friends in over a month.

But I'll get it all done, because I'm super crazy like that....or at least that's what I tell myself.

Welcome back my college days ability to make crazy-ass-deadlines-while-maintaining-enthusiasm-and-quality-for-my-projects! I missed you. Pin It


CS Jennings said...



Jason Chalker said...

These are really cute. Nicely done.


The Flying! sorry

davidjamescole said...

i like the one in the middle cause it has a 'stache.

floresita said...

These are so adorable! And "soft rock" is perfect - ha ha, so cute it's killing me! :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of more of those guitars showing up on etsy? And can you give me a heads-up when you do? Thanks!

jesse said...

hey! how big are these?