Thursday, March 13, 2008

Garden Gnome - Illustration Friday

This little guy is a bit old. He was born back in December for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, where he found a new home with someone or other. That was what, over three months ago now? That's like, 300 years in Gnome age. So, yeah, a bit old, but suitable for the Illustration Friday theme of 'garden.'

I had my hopes up of having some time to work on some new paintings for the 'garden' theme this past week. I even drew up sketches of my dream pieces for the word -- including a girl harvesting a garden full of arms, and some more cutesy pieces involving variations on the theme of *ta-daa* girls with hair. Alas, Mr. Gnome will have to do. He's cute, but he's no garden full of home grown limbs. Maybe some day, I'll put the arm garden to paper *crosses fingers*. Pin It


bonniebluedenim said...

I like Mr. Garden Gnome, he looks very content. I hope you are able to get to your home grown limb art, soon, Enjoy whatever you do!

Ellen said...

Somehow gnomes deserve to be gnome-knapped! Great job on the topic!

Marina Collings Whiting said...

wow!!! what an awesome garden gnome!!! i love him!
thankyou for your comment!
i really love your style!