Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Business Boogeyman

Here's this month's art for Jenny Hart's Crafting A Business column over on venuszine.com.
It's a great cautionary tale about being ripped off by bogus big business deals, and I am of the opinion that every independent artist and designer should read it.

I've not been in Jenny's situation (fortunately), but I have (unfortunately) worked in places that encourage the in-house artists and designers to directly rip off independent designers and competitors. Spoofs, satires, and aesthetic and stylistic inspiration is one thing. Directly copying an idea or design is another thing completely -- a bad thing -- which I've refused to do.

But that's just me. And, of course, people tell me I'm naive, 'That's business!' they say. No, it's not -- that's bad business. There are plenty of businesses that pay creative and talented people well to create their own great art and design without stealing the ideas and designs of others...right? If not, at least a girl can dream. *sigh* Pin It



Okay that really sucks, I just read that article. I'm really dying to know who this "Argyle" company is. I just want to make sure I never give them any business. Do you know?

alicia policia said...

No, I don't know who 'Argyle' is. I'm pretty sure whoever it is, they are a 'crafts industry' company, so I don't know if that's likely to overlap with your work (or consumer purchases) or not.

I have a hunch of who it might be, but since she never told me, and I'm sure she's being careful not to disclose who it was, I'm not gonna say what my hunch is either. ; )

But yeah. They be jerks.