Saturday, March 1, 2008

Berta Bunny and Binnie Bird

I'm taking a short break while waiting for some paint to dry, so I thought I'd share this with you. It's my first paper doll set. Whoomp! There it is!

It's Berta Bunny and Binnie Bird, and they're all set to do all sorts of Springtime related things -- bug hunting, baseball, Easter stuffs, plus ballet and some sleepovers, too.

This image is just a montage I made of the outfits with the dolls. The real thing has a couple of pages to it, and has more space for cutting out things. I've always wanted to make my own paper dolls (in my adult life -- I did do that often as a child), and I'm pleased with the sweet, girly result.

They remind me a bit of five year old Alicia, except for the sleepovers and baseball part. And to be more like the five year old Alicia, they would need dolls and stuffed animals, and they'd be stamping the wall with Mr. T and Shirt Tales stamps under the china cabinet where no one would else would see... Well that last part is more like four year old Alicia.

Oh, and if you would like a set yourself or the little girl(s) in your life, it's in the shop.

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CS Jennings said...


This is the second time this week I've run into paper dolls.

I'm a dude, but I loved paper dolls when I was a kid. (I had some cowboy ones that were cool.)

Thanks for sharing these, these are awesome.

I've been thinking about ideas for the Animal Band website, and having characters the kids can print out, then cut out and stand up would be awesome possum.

tiatyot said...

you know what you are so creative..and i'm glad you found your gift..i love all of your creations