Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bats in the Basket

I didn't get a chance to mention this in the busy-ness of the last two weeks, but I am so lucky and pleased to announce that I now have goods available at Parts & Labour on South Congress. Goods like these Bat City Bats. Hurrah! That's good!

So, now you can fill your basket with Small Cat Club good-goodies like bats, or mice, or stationery made by me. This store is just brimmingly full o' locally handmade goodies by awesome Austin artists and craftsfolk. If you've ne'er been there, go! Pin It


Anonymous said...

These bats are are really cute. such a fun looking project. They look so cute sitting all lined up together like that. Really adorable.

CS Jennings said...

these are wonderful. your plush is the bizz-omb.

Aaron Sacco said...

Hey cubicle buddy! I miss you!! Seriously we need to hang out sometime soon and watch a movie or grill a steak or something. I've been admiring your website lately, and all the hard work you've put into your art and design. :-) You are seriously talented and its a privilege to call you a friend.