Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal Band!

Here's a little shout-out to my good and tremendously talented friend, Christopher S. Jennings. It's his character, Thomas the dog, from his first children's book, Animal Band, which he wrote and illustrated his very own self. And of course, I had to make Thomas play the accordion, in true Alician fashion.

The book came out two weeks ago, and it, man, is it a crowd pleaser! My boyfriend and I have already bought copies for family and friends' children, and they all love it (as do I). Animals, music, rhyming -- how can you go wrong? You can't. Here's the Amazon link should you like a copy for yourself.

Another tremendously talented friend of mine, Paul Adam, inspired me to make my own Animal Band fan art with his blog post earlier today featuring his own version of Thomas. It's been a while since I've drawn someone else's character, and I forgot how fun it is. Thanks, Paul!

Anyway, here's to a sincere tribute to a fabulous friend, artist, and all around good guy. Ta-daa! Pin It


CS Jennings said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful... (repeat for infinity.)

brilliant as always.

i love seeing the interpretation of Thomas in your style.

thank you!

alicia policia said...

No, thank you!

It was fun to draw your character. I hope this trend catches, and we get to see even more renditions of Thomas. : )