Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bats in the Basket

I didn't get a chance to mention this in the busy-ness of the last two weeks, but I am so lucky and pleased to announce that I now have goods available at Parts & Labour on South Congress. Goods like these Bat City Bats. Hurrah! That's good!

So, now you can fill your basket with Small Cat Club good-goodies like bats, or mice, or stationery made by me. This store is just brimmingly full o' locally handmade goodies by awesome Austin artists and craftsfolk. If you've ne'er been there, go! Pin It

Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal Band!

Here's a little shout-out to my good and tremendously talented friend, Christopher S. Jennings. It's his character, Thomas the dog, from his first children's book, Animal Band, which he wrote and illustrated his very own self. And of course, I had to make Thomas play the accordion, in true Alician fashion.

The book came out two weeks ago, and it, man, is it a crowd pleaser! My boyfriend and I have already bought copies for family and friends' children, and they all love it (as do I). Animals, music, rhyming -- how can you go wrong? You can't. Here's the Amazon link should you like a copy for yourself.

Another tremendously talented friend of mine, Paul Adam, inspired me to make my own Animal Band fan art with his blog post earlier today featuring his own version of Thomas. It's been a while since I've drawn someone else's character, and I forgot how fun it is. Thanks, Paul!

Anyway, here's to a sincere tribute to a fabulous friend, artist, and all around good guy. Ta-daa! Pin It

A Happy St. Patrick's Day To You

This li'l lass is here to wish you a happy (and safe) St. Patrick's Day.

She was a quickie, but I like her. I've been a busy lady of late, so I'm celebrating my own sliver of Irish-ity by relaxing, and making a holiday post. Holiday posts are fun! I've missed drawing art for some of the past few days of celebration (Christmas, Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Thanksgiving), so I'm happy to have something for St. Patty's.

Happy shamrocks, rainbows, green things, corned beef, Guinness, and Irishness to you all (Irish or not). Pin It

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Garden Gnome - Illustration Friday

This little guy is a bit old. He was born back in December for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, where he found a new home with someone or other. That was what, over three months ago now? That's like, 300 years in Gnome age. So, yeah, a bit old, but suitable for the Illustration Friday theme of 'garden.'

I had my hopes up of having some time to work on some new paintings for the 'garden' theme this past week. I even drew up sketches of my dream pieces for the word -- including a girl harvesting a garden full of arms, and some more cutesy pieces involving variations on the theme of *ta-daa* girls with hair. Alas, Mr. Gnome will have to do. He's cute, but he's no garden full of home grown limbs. Maybe some day, I'll put the arm garden to paper *crosses fingers*. Pin It

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

South By

Now that the SXSW music fest is finally upon us, I can share my design for this year's kids' apparel. Hooray for boombox totin' aliens! This one has been waiting to be posted since October. Whew!

Should you find that you want some for yourself, fellow Austinites and those who may be in town for the fest can swing by the convention center -- convenient if you're checking out out the Flatstock poster show (which you should do). Or, you could get yourself one online, here.

While you're there, check out some of my other shirts... I'm a shirt machine! Uh!*

*Say this in the voice of James Brown. Pin It

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Business Boogeyman

Here's this month's art for Jenny Hart's Crafting A Business column over on venuszine.com.
It's a great cautionary tale about being ripped off by bogus big business deals, and I am of the opinion that every independent artist and designer should read it.

I've not been in Jenny's situation (fortunately), but I have (unfortunately) worked in places that encourage the in-house artists and designers to directly rip off independent designers and competitors. Spoofs, satires, and aesthetic and stylistic inspiration is one thing. Directly copying an idea or design is another thing completely -- a bad thing -- which I've refused to do.

But that's just me. And, of course, people tell me I'm naive, 'That's business!' they say. No, it's not -- that's bad business. There are plenty of businesses that pay creative and talented people well to create their own great art and design without stealing the ideas and designs of others...right? If not, at least a girl can dream. *sigh* Pin It

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Berta Bunny and Binnie Bird

I'm taking a short break while waiting for some paint to dry, so I thought I'd share this with you. It's my first paper doll set. Whoomp! There it is!

It's Berta Bunny and Binnie Bird, and they're all set to do all sorts of Springtime related things -- bug hunting, baseball, Easter stuffs, plus ballet and some sleepovers, too.

This image is just a montage I made of the outfits with the dolls. The real thing has a couple of pages to it, and has more space for cutting out things. I've always wanted to make my own paper dolls (in my adult life -- I did do that often as a child), and I'm pleased with the sweet, girly result.

They remind me a bit of five year old Alicia, except for the sleepovers and baseball part. And to be more like the five year old Alicia, they would need dolls and stuffed animals, and they'd be stamping the wall with Mr. T and Shirt Tales stamps under the china cabinet where no one would else would see... Well that last part is more like four year old Alicia.

Oh, and if you would like a set yourself or the little girl(s) in your life, it's in the shop.

Back to painting. Pin It