Saturday, February 2, 2008

Plain Jane Vanilla

Greetings, blog reading friends! I bring you a frosty blog beginning, miss Plain Jane Vanilla, to a frosty new month.

This was originally meant for the Illustration Friday theme of 'plain,' and features my version of Plain Jane, and her plain no frills, plain ol' vanilla ice cream. Methinks my idea of a 'plain jane' is very influenced by the first season wardrobe of the Brady Bunch (their sleeves were always too short...). Alas, I didn't get a chance to post this (or even finish it) in time for IF. Curse you, January and your art hindering craziness!

So, February has arrived, I made all but three piddly entires for the entire previous month. Not exactly what I had in mind with my "Go, go '08!" mindset at the beginning of the year. That attitude soon died under the weight of busy schedules and irritating obstacles to all that I had planned. Malfunctioning technology, malicious weather, undelivered supplies, and, oh the allergies(!) -- all made it on heck of a tough, long month.

It wasn't without its good points though, like working on some great and exciting projects, and the boyfriend's birthday celebration. Overall though, January was a tough cookie. Everything is better now...let's hope. After all, it's February! Soft, short, and easy February... ahhh!

February means the end of cedar fever (please, please, please!), and the end of hauling plants inside and back outside (please, please, please!), and we get that much closer to Spring, my favorite season here in Austin. I hope it also means more artwork, more store updates, more time with friends, and more blog updates. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, for those who care, this piece is ink and gouache on bristol. Hooray, gouache! Pin It

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