Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy ValenTimes!

I haven't had a chance to draw up a Valentine for y'all (yet?) so I decided to share a couple of the beloved Valentines given to me, and hope that my boyfriend isn't mortified by my sharing them with teh internets.

Back when my boyfriend and I had our first Valentine's day together, we decided not to do the traditional 'spend a whole bunch of money on food, flowers and jewelry because you're supposed to' deal, which was very fine with the both of us. Since then, we've created our own tradition of giving each other bizarre, surrealistic gifts -- mine usually coming from the dollar store, and his are usually home made, dada-esque, and involve either red or silver spray paint (or sometimes both!).

The awesomeness in the photo above is part of my Valentine's present from last year (the other part of my gift was two action figures melted together at their heads). And I absolutely love it!!! How could a box of chocolate (or anything else) come anywhere close to this in levels of sheer greatness?

I gave him a resin statuette of a baby girl riding eggplants, and another one of a couple of neon airbrushed, glow in the dark, baroquely dressed children. Past gifts also include a resin statue of a bust of an blue eyed Amazon native as if it were carved from a stump, and porcelain figurine of a chubby, naked, troll with a bowl cut, huge gold earrings, and a single red flower.

I think my absolute favorite Valentine, though, is the very first one I received from him, and here it is.

It's a baggie of dirt, which he had spray painted red before collecting and depositing it in the bag!!! *sigh* I adore it.

Call us weird, if you will, but I can't wait for tonight's gift exchange and homemade dinner.

So, anyway... I hope you all enjoy today as much as I enjoy my baggie of dirt! Pin It

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CS Jennings said...

wow. you're easy. ;)

happy valemtines to you too.