Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Potodd's Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope all enjoy this day of rest and thanks and friends and family. This year Thanksgiving falls on what would have been my grandfather's 86th birthday. Oh, and for those who may not know, we call him Potodd (like p' todd).

This little wooden guy is my version of Potodd in the medium of marker on wooden peg, circa 1986. My brother and I received a bag of wooden peg people to decorate ourselves for Christmas, but mysteriously, this is the only one I still have. And bringing things full circle back to Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I have it, and I'm extremely thankful for having had a tremendously satisfactory grandfather like Potodd.

And of cousre, I'm thankful for more folks and friends and the like. You all know who you are.
Oh, and as I was trying to take my photo, someone insisted on getting in the way. By the way, it's Potodd from whom I inherited my fondness for cats (via my mom). You can blame his cat lover gene for my crazy cat lady tendencies.

More artwork and craftwork to come soon. I've been work, work, working on so much, namely preparing for Blue Genie. Load in is next weekend. Ack! Pin It

1 comment:

CS Jennings said...

the entrance of the cat gives one an idea of scale.

peg people are cool! do they still make them? i would love to do some in my spare time, around, say, 2010.

who do we blame for the rest of your crazy tendencies?