Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chuy's Giving Shirt

Although I don't usually post my work stuff on here, I decided I'd post this one because it's for a good cause. Chuy's asked me to design a charity cause shirt for them that would convey a sense of community, giving, and goodness. Here's the finished product (more or less). The shirt 'tagline' was "Great Food. Great People."

It was a lot of work, but it was very fun to do. I even snuck some friends and family members into the crowd (click on the image to see a bigger version).

You can pick up a shirt at Chuy's locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Round Rock, San Antonio, and Shenandoah. I believe it proceeds Operation Blue Santa, which is what the annual Chuy's Parade is all about.

And yes, it is great food, and they are great people. : ) Mmm...creamy jalapeño ranch salsa.... Pin It


Emma said...

I posted this in the family blog and kind of challenged them to a "Where's Emma and Paul" -- but I totally gave them hints.

I feel so honored to be on a T-shirt, especially such a cute one!

Kennon said...

This, like most of your stuff, is brilliant. I love interesting crowd scenes.

alicia hart said...

IT'S SO CUTE!!! and where are emma and paul i will have to take a look!

Anonymous said...

so creative! i just love it.

jennifer b.

CS Jennings said...

i totally bought mine! i am going to totally wear it! it is totally awesome!