Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Blank of Mice

Thursday already? Gah! Here is a clustered up bunch of stuffed mice I made for Blue Genie. Cute and colorful.

My grandmother, Gammon, made tons and tons of these mice in the late 60's as a fund raiser for the high school band. They have been present ever since then in my family's household, playing with the grandchildren, teasing cats with their tails, etc. So, I had to include some Gammon mice in my Blue Genie Bazaar fare for tradition's sake.

Of course, I tried to look up the terminology for a group of mice when I began writing this post, something like a herd of cows or a murder of crows, but apparently there is no name for a large gathering of mice (or at least not that I could find). I looked for other rodentesque and mouse like animals (or as similar an animal as I could find on the lists) to see if there was a trend going on terminology wise, but no. You may have a horde of hamsters, a scurry of squirrels, a pack of rats, and a business of ferrets.

So, any suggestions? A colony? A scamper? A tangle? Pin It

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Anonymous said...

i bought one on tuesday and i love it!!! i am thinking about giving it to my niece for christmas but then i wouldnt have one for myslef. maybe i will go back today and get another one.

jennifer b.