Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

So, this here is my super rushed submission for Illustration Friday this week, "Trick or Treat.' 'Tis a merry little ghostie girlie -- who says you can't trick or treat in the afterlife, right?

I've been busy so I see it as conceptually and artistically lazy, but then again, I'm just happy I'm getting something in on time for this week. Is that bad? I figured there was no point in doing a trick or treat themed drawing tomorrow, and a super rushed, quickie one is better than none at all, so I made myself do it to it to crank this out before heading off to the boyfriend's place tonight.

Man, oh man, I need myself a laptop. : P Pin It


John Coulter said...

this is very cool!!

sheree boyd said...

nice! like the big eyes and the curly "bo peep" hair!

CS Jennings said...

alicia. you are going to be very rich. we gotta get you in front of some kid's book folks--if that's what you want.

in short, great as always... though, ghost girls are sad.