Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jiggety Jig and Jiggety Jog

We'll, I'm back home in Austin after having gone back home to Jacksonville, thus the jigs and jogs. No art and no craft to post just now, but it was a good trip. This massive and colorful guy built his home on my parents' dock down by the creek. He had a friend who built a home across the way, actually over the creek. Alas, I could not capture his friend with a photo. We also ran into lots of lizards, and turtles.
My boyfriend came with me on this trip, so it was a good reason to explore places I haven't been to since high school, such as Chamblin's Book Mine and Five Points. Chamblin's was great as usual -- I found some awesome old craft books there. As for Five Points -- it has changed. A lot. All of the stores and cafes I remember that made Five Points so cool are essentially gone and are replaced with 'hipper' things, except the one antique/consignment store on the corner where these freaky but cute angel decorations were. That place (the name escapes me) is still neat. And fairly affordable.
I went to my ten year high school reunion. There was a gorgeous sunset on the way there, and this is the best of my futile efforts to capture it. Also, this picture reminds me that Florida is flat. Very flat. I forget that between visits. The reunion went well -- there were lots of people it was nice to see and to talk to again. I will have to say, though, that it was probably my first and last official high school reunion, and my final official high school related ordeal altogether. Get-togethers with friends and such are still a welcome possibility, of course.

We also went to Clark's Fish Camp, which has grown immensely since I was a kid. I remember when it was a bait and tackle shop (my brother would buy bait there to go fishing), and that the only taxidermy around was a few fish on the wall and a squirrel (or was it a possum?) with a beer can. It was warm enough for us to go swimming, which I haven't done in forever at home since I'm always there in the winter, it seems. We had a lovely family brunch at River City Brewing Co., followed by a few rounds of dominoes and sushi delivery/take out back home. To top it all off there were two cute kitties at home with which to snuggle all the while.

Ok, it's back to work time. I'll post more later, but it's time to play catch up for now. Pin It


Aaron Sacco said...

yay! We missed you. Can't wait to the next project.

CS Jennings said...

THAT FISH CAMP IS DEADANIMATASTIC! ...sorry caps was on. What a cool giant spider! Those angels are great too. Sorry your town has changed, but that's what towns do. Look forward to more Aliciart!

davidjamescole said...

hey! isn't going home once in a while just great? :)
i can't believe you went to a high school reunion! though, i thought you graduated in 98, one year ahead of me. anyway, sorry to hear you won't be getting around to illustration friday for a while, but i hope it's because of exciting new paid illustration work! i'm kind of too busy for it right now as well, but i'm hoping to at least post sketches for each week. well, talk to you soon.


ps, that is a GIANT spider! ick! i like physically wretched when i saw it!