Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

So, this here is my super rushed submission for Illustration Friday this week, "Trick or Treat.' 'Tis a merry little ghostie girlie -- who says you can't trick or treat in the afterlife, right?

I've been busy so I see it as conceptually and artistically lazy, but then again, I'm just happy I'm getting something in on time for this week. Is that bad? I figured there was no point in doing a trick or treat themed drawing tomorrow, and a super rushed, quickie one is better than none at all, so I made myself do it to it to crank this out before heading off to the boyfriend's place tonight.

Man, oh man, I need myself a laptop. : P Pin It

Happy Halloween!

¡Boo! Happy Halloween from me to you. This guy gave me some nice therapy carving after a busy start of the week -- no kits, not paints -- back to my pumpkin carving roots. Ahh! That felt good.

Also, I caught my cat in the act of making out with my pumpkin. Ok, so it wasn't making out, it was licking pumpkin juice off his mouth-al area, but it looked like full blown French style making out between a cat and a pumpkin. The conception of Halloween, perhaps. I missed capturing it on camera, but it was creepily cute in a strange way. Pin It

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Back! Illustration Friday - Grow

I didn't think I'd be back so soon, but I couldn't pass up this week's theme. Here's my version of 'grow.' Y'see, I've had the tendency to draw sequences of mini-portraits of people 'aging,' or growing if you will, my entire life. I called these drawings 'aging processes' drawings. This is a new one.

It's the first thing I thought of when I saw 'grow.' So, here's a girl growing up. I reckon I'm fascinated with the passing of time and its effects on the body, and fashion and haircuts. : ) Sometimes I would create entire family albums of fictitious people spanning generations, portraits of each member every so many years drawn - all drawn on notebook paper (probably during one of my brothers' basketball games) and stapled together. It was an obsession of mine.

Here's a small sampling of some aging process drawings throughout my ages. Check out how I 'grew' as an artist. Ah-ha! Double themed entry!

This here's my very first aging process drawing(s) (it's on two pages, but it's one drawing) that I can remember doing. I had just turned six (1986). I remember actually drawing this, and talking to myself while I drew it in my very first sketch book -- recounting the story of this girl's life as I made it all up. For some reason, she looks nothing alike year to year -- I'm prolly the only one who would know it's all the same girl.

This one was done circa 1988 --third grade. If you click on it, you might be able to make out the '3rd Grade *sigh*' handwriting under the picture of the girl with the super curly scribble hair. Hmmm, someone did not like her hair in third grade....

This one is from 1991, when I rediscovered drawing and I would rip through a sketchbook every month or so. This also documents the advent of my 'noseless' people, which I notoriously drew circa 1991-1995, as I decided I couldn't draw noses well enough, so I left them out all together. This chick evolved to noselessness, it seems.

Here's a re-drawing I did in 2003 of my aging process I drew in 1991. I tried to stay true to the original fashions and haircuts, so she still doesn't look like she's the same person all the way through. What can I say? I was bored and lazy that day.

Anyway, there you go. A drawing of a girl growing up, and the growth of my artistic prowess and skillz. Two birds, one stone! Kinda...

So, was I a strange kid, or does everyone else draw aging processes as well? Pin It

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cutsey Ghostie Gourd

I'm feeling very in the mood for Halloween right now. Here is a shot of my freshly painted Ghostie Gourd. I found the gourd at Central Market, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to become a ghost. I've never seen gourds like this before. How about y'all, folks? I might want more...I haven't decided.

Now, some of you who know me may also know that I'm a Halloween pumpkin carving purist, meaning I'm usually against the whole 'painting the faces on' ordeal. I'm pretty harsh about it. No painted faces, no kits, and one must draw one's own design, etc. Material, props, paper, etc. is allowable to a certain extent, but the majority of it should be carved. Alas, I broke my own rule. I did paint the face on my gourd, but I didn't want to shorten his life by cutting him up. : ( I'm so conflicted!

Anyway, it's still kitless, and my own design, so two out of three ain't bad, right?

Oh, and tomorrow is a certain kitty's designated birthday. She'll be 3. That's 25 in cat years. Hmm.... she doesn't act like it.
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Jiggety Jig and Jiggety Jog

We'll, I'm back home in Austin after having gone back home to Jacksonville, thus the jigs and jogs. No art and no craft to post just now, but it was a good trip. This massive and colorful guy built his home on my parents' dock down by the creek. He had a friend who built a home across the way, actually over the creek. Alas, I could not capture his friend with a photo. We also ran into lots of lizards, and turtles.
My boyfriend came with me on this trip, so it was a good reason to explore places I haven't been to since high school, such as Chamblin's Book Mine and Five Points. Chamblin's was great as usual -- I found some awesome old craft books there. As for Five Points -- it has changed. A lot. All of the stores and cafes I remember that made Five Points so cool are essentially gone and are replaced with 'hipper' things, except the one antique/consignment store on the corner where these freaky but cute angel decorations were. That place (the name escapes me) is still neat. And fairly affordable.
I went to my ten year high school reunion. There was a gorgeous sunset on the way there, and this is the best of my futile efforts to capture it. Also, this picture reminds me that Florida is flat. Very flat. I forget that between visits. The reunion went well -- there were lots of people it was nice to see and to talk to again. I will have to say, though, that it was probably my first and last official high school reunion, and my final official high school related ordeal altogether. Get-togethers with friends and such are still a welcome possibility, of course.

We also went to Clark's Fish Camp, which has grown immensely since I was a kid. I remember when it was a bait and tackle shop (my brother would buy bait there to go fishing), and that the only taxidermy around was a few fish on the wall and a squirrel (or was it a possum?) with a beer can. It was warm enough for us to go swimming, which I haven't done in forever at home since I'm always there in the winter, it seems. We had a lovely family brunch at River City Brewing Co., followed by a few rounds of dominoes and sushi delivery/take out back home. To top it all off there were two cute kitties at home with which to snuggle all the while.

Ok, it's back to work time. I'll post more later, but it's time to play catch up for now. Pin It

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Black Cat Skull Stack

At the end of a long, long, busy, busy, packed with work out the wazoo week, there is a stack of kitties and skulls to make it all better.

This painting will be in the Austin Sketch Squad Monster Mash show at the Lowbrow Emporium on South Lamar. There's an opening tonight, starting at 7:00pm with beer and live art, apparently. Go check it out, as the show will be full of some fantastic art by fantastic artists.

I didn't get a chance to do Illustration Friday this week, despite my having yet another week of drawing up a sketch for it only to not have any time to finish it -- paying work had to take precedence. It's a decent conundrum in which to be, I reckon.

Well, I'm off to do even more work, which is a good thing. I am, however, greatly looking forward to my mini vacation next week with much anticipation.

Oh, and acrylic on panel 12" x 24". Also, please forgive the cruddy photo and notorious 'bumpy apartment wall.' : ) Pin It

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Devil and Death

Here's my second piece for the spooky group art show at Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth that goes up tomorrow and comes down at the end of October. It was inspired by photo of a ceramic figure in one of my Dia de los Muertos art books (oh, how I love everything about that art!) of the Devil dancing with Death, which is also, apparently, a dance performed in some areas. I think I like my Sugar Skull Juggler better, but I like the 'sexiness' of this one.

I totally want to buy myself some sugar skull molds this year. I've seen them around town before, now it's just a matter of tracking them down. We'll see if I have the time for it between projects, out of town trips, and everything else I have to do this month.

I can't believe it's October. Oh, and I bought a pumpkin already. Good grief!


The kind Mr. Jennings made me aware that their eye color was too close to their skin color (I was going for glowing, but yeah, I missed... but then again the monitor looks different at night...), thus their eyes looked closed. So, I fixed it (I think). If they still looked closed, let me know. : )
Here's the lovely couple with sporting the results of their recent eye jobs. Pin It