Friday, September 28, 2007

Sugar Skull Juggler

This little lady was supposed to be a part of last week's Illustration Friday (juggling). Alas... she was not completed in time. What with my busy work week and then my having some sick spells (but all seems to be well now), everything just happened to affect 'work for fun' able-ness. Boo! But she did get finished, and that's good.

There is more good news in sight for the Señorita Sugar Skull Juggler, because she is also going to be a part of the spooky group art show going up on Monday (and through October) at Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth. Yay!

Oh, and pen and ink wih digital color. Pin It


Zach Taylor said...

I find that to be awesome.

Where do these Illustration Fridays happen? Is there a forum somewhere?

Aaron Sacco said...

You rock! I gotta work my ass off now and finish something worthy to be shown beside this.

davidjamescole said...


i'm da crok hunta and oi sai dis is a slendid piece a ahht indeed!

great colors and concept. keep it up. a few more of these fridays and you'll have a nice new illustration portfolio on your hands. i've gotta get in on this illustration friday and practice some concept skills that haven't been worked in a while.

very inspiring!

CS Jennings said...

boo yah!

awesome possum as always.

alicia policia said...

Thanks, peeps!

Methinks this will be a fun and fabulous show. I can't wait to see what others serve up. My guess is something kick-ass.

Zach - I left a reply on your blog, but just in case:

Totemica said...

:D wow <3