Monday, September 10, 2007

Professor Cakeface Meowmers

Yesterday was my birthday. Hooray! It was a happy one at that. See that guy in the photo above? That's Professor Cakeface Meowmers (and yes, that is a Wizard People Dear Readers reference). He was my birthday cake this year. I brought him to the lovely party my lovely friends, Paul and Emma, hosted for me. He was tasty.

He almost didn't exist, though. My oven went bonkers not even 20 minutes into cooking my cake layers, and they were all burnt and fallen. I am stating for the record that I abhor apartment kitchens. Anyway, I went into panic mode. I was especially crushed because I had plans on making Professor Cakeface Meowmers here for a few weeks. I was super excited about it. I told people my cake plans. Other people were excited about it. It had to be done! A cat cakeface cake! In a way, it was like my birthday present to myself. I absolutely HAD to make this cake.

After a few calls to some snooty bakeries trying to see if they would sell me un-iced cake rounds, I finally braved going to Central Market on Saturday, where they were so kind to sell me the only two un-iced cake rounds they fortunately possessed for a mere five dollars. My other option would've been to buy an iced cake, take it home, and scrap all the icing off, then re-ice it. I would've done it too, because I had my heart set on the Professor here, with his orange flavored icing made from my mom's recipe. Mmmm....

So, some panic, a couple batches of icing, and several hours later, he emerged. He was a delectable, delicious, hit. More so than his cakeface predecessors, although, they too were much loved. Pictured below are last year's birthday cake, Paul's birthday cake, and of course, the Professor.

Other highlights of my weekend included the thoroughly excellent company of my friends at the party, a rousingly memorable game of Apples to Apples, superb homemade cookies, good books, tickets to see Yo La Tengo at one of my preferred venues, a lovely hand drawn coupon to buy cycling clothes (complete with cat wearing sunglasses!), calls from more thoroughly excellent friends and family, Z Tejas margaritas and their famous cast iron skillet fruit cobbler, The Office season 3, these shoes, and a bounty of gift certificates for some of my favorite places to shop.

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CS Jennings said...

woo. hoo. your cakes are awesome.
i would share them with a possum.

(but i wouldn't be happy about it.)

la la la.

glad you enjoyed yer birthdayin.

Emma said...

Your party was so fun!! My hangover the next day? Not so much. :)

You definitely outdid yourself with Mr. Cakeface Meowmers. It was a shame to have to eat him, but eat him I did!

Oh, and I forgot to give you your bday present. Wanna do a Crafty/Eat-y/Shop-y Thursday? Then I can give you your gift.

davidjamescole said...

He looks delicious.

Happy belated birthday, Alicia!! Hope you had a blast!


Neva Austrew said...

You rock Alicia! I love the professor! I'm glad you had such an awesome birthday week! You deserve it. :)

Unknown said...

Ooooh my, this is brilliant, so cute and pretty!!

alicia policia said...

Thanks y'all!

Yes, the professor had a short lived but delicious life. I'm sure he would've been thrilled with all of these complements you're giving him.