Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One of 'Them'

I have been infected with a virus to which I thought I was immune, and now I am one of them. "Join us," they said. "It's bliiiiisss..." They made a good case. And so, I buckled. I am now one of those people who starts on Christmas crafts in September -- before the Fall has officially started, even. What has happened to me? Who am I? This is not me!

What you see here are practice runs of a print for a Christmas project. That's right, it's three months away and I'm whipping out nativity themed goods. I have good reason though. How can I possibly achieve all of the Christmas greatness I want to if I only give myself one month to do so? I would drive myself batty, and I'd be in no mood to enjoy it all. Thus, the early start.

For those who may not know, I was a notorious scoffer of jump-the-gun Christmas crafters for years, decades even. What fun is there in Christmas if it isn't special, if it's three months old by the time it arrives? Well, as I said, the fun is in not being overwhelmed, in not pulling all nighters while cursing at the sewing machine to the tune of O Holy Night, and in not flipping your wig in general when it gets down to the wire.

Come December, I hope to be sipping mulled wine, watching Rudolph and Charlie Brown, and reveling in the cheers and complements I will be receiving on my bounty of Christmas goods that were finished months ago. Pin It


CS Jennings said...

awesome. way to be.

Emma said...

Welcome to the club! How was the assimilation? Smooth? Bumpy? ;)

Question, though: Is sipping mulled wine in September while you work on your Christmas crafts taking it too far?

davidjamescole said...

these look really cute. how are you printing these? are you going to color them or keep it b&w?