Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Awww, it's a craft!

I'm kicking off September with my very first craft post, and it's cutesy-wootsy to boot, so you've been warned.

Here's what I call Mr. Chubby Two-Penny Bunny, made from an old Old Navy tee shirt scrap that had previously been sentenced to serve the rest of its life as an oil painting rag. I had a change of heart, however, and before subjecting it to an oily death I snatched it up and gave creative birth to this bunny. I had been feeling dumpy and worn out on the art stuffs the other day, and decided I wanted to do some plush making. He was all hand sewn, has vintage button eyes, a raggedy madras plaid bow, and a sparkly cotton tail.
I modified him from a pattern I found in one of my mom's old toy making books. I like my guy better than their pin headed bunny, but if I make him a friend, I'll probably change a few things. I don't know if I'm up for making him a friend just yet. Hand sewing takes a bit longer, but then there is a therapeutic quality to it, especially with so many little pattern pieces to put together. It's one of those "quasi-mindless, but not really" activities. It's like knitting, but more fun, because in the end, you have a toy (well, at least I'm not good enough at knitting to make any toy other than a snake, maybe). You do have to think, about what you're doing at least, but not about anything else really, and all the while your hands are busy. Ahhh -- bliss! I wish I had some nice, real wool felt to play with, though. I hear it's hand sewing heaven. I think I'm going to get a jump start on that Christmas wish list...
Here's Mr. Chubby Two-Penny Bunny getting acquainted with Nico. See, I warned you -- cutesy wootsy. I cannot be held responsible if you vomited all over your keyboard.

Oh, and why Mr. Chubby Two-Penny Bunny? Because his ears are weighted down with a penny each, and I thought that sounded like a good name. Pin It


Aaron Sacco said...

Mr Chubby Two-Penny Bunny is quite cute and totally worth the save. If you ever decide to make more, I bet Alicia would sell them in her store in Waco. What an interprise.

alicia policia said...

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if I feel like making him some friends.

My mom used to sell various stuffed animals she'd make at our school bazaars and the like. My grandmother made a crapload of these mice (my mom's pattern, and Gammon's styling) to raise funds for my uncle's high school band.

Perhaps I too shall one day undertake selling stuffed ones. My cause: me.

: )

CS Jennings said...

I love me some cute handmade animals. A real sucker for them. I was tempted by some super-cuties somewhere online... they were $200 though. (I said "tempted.") The point being, you could make them and then charge hunnerds of dollars for them and people like me would think about almost buying them. So, no. My keyboard is not covered with chunks. That's one cute bunny!

davidjamescole said...

this is great! really nice combination of colors and fabrics. when i was working with potterybarn kids, the company would buy things like this all the time from stores and individuals to use as reference and inspiration material for product lines. which is another avenue you could consider if you wanted to sell grandpa pennyears or whatever his name was. OR, you could just keep making them for pure joy, which is what makes them great in the first place!

alicia hart said...

i love your bunny!!! i can't believe aaron commented what i was about to. i want a bunny family of my very own!! so crafty!