Monday, September 24, 2007

The Alphagals, a Blue Genie, and a Busy Bee

Meet Abigail, and Abigail's Ant, Adelaide. She is the first of the AlphaGals, which is the series I came up with recently, and I hope to do so much fun and interesting stuff with. Stationery, dolls, maybe paper dolls...maybe some stories, at least drawing wise. We'll see how it goes. One of twenty six girls and her pet who lives in her hair, and her trademark color, and her bizarre hair-do, and her retro, Brady bunch inspired outfit. Could it be anymore Alician? Nope.
Here are Bertha and her bats who live in her blue braids. They are named Bartolomeo and Benedetta. And since I'm speaking of blues -- so I submitted some of my wares to the Blue Genie Art Bazaar. I sent in various new stuff I've been working on (like the AlphaGals), and some old regular standard Alicia stuff. I hope I get in. It would be exciting and fun. I'm psyched.
And lastly, here's Carlotta and her cat, Claude. Next up is Ethany, and then Frieda, and then Gala. Why am I taking this up now, when I have so much else going on? Because I like being a busy bee, I reckon.

Buzz, buzz buzz. I'm off!

Oh, and all of these lovely ladies are acrylic gouache on Rives BFK. Pin It


Emma said...

So cute and clever!

And how much to I love the name Ethany?

Unknown said...

Hi! I just saw your blog and I adore your style! I stumbled upon it from your "geeky" illustration friday entry and I thought "oh my goodness, thats just like me!" Whats more... I am a senior illustration student at Syracuse!! Would love to hear all of your cuse stories about Bob or Roger! Take care,


alicia policia said...

Thanks, Ladies.

Emma - glad you like them. My apologies for not devoting E for Emma, but the girl I drew looked more like an Ethany (I actually know an Ethany, but she doesn't go by that name).

Erin! - Crazy, that you're an SU senior. I'd be glad to share any stories or thoughts with ya, but not in a public forum. ; )

You can email me, or I can email you if you're interested in discussing stuff and junk. : )

alicia hart said...

alicia you're so talented! i like abigail and adelaide the very best though carlotta is a close second. :)

davidjamescole said...

very cute! i think the different personalities you give your characters is one of your strongest artistic attributes.

John Coulter said...

I love these! your style is so awesome!