Thursday, July 19, 2007

(Re)Discovery - of Sorts for Illustration Friday

Here's my cop out, lame Illustration Friday entry for this week. Are you ready for it?

Ta daa! I rediscovered painting from life (waka, waka, waka!). Not a very good painting by any means, and especially not obviously a discovery, but let me explain....

*Le Sigh* I had a big problem with the theme of discovery. I felt torn between wanting to go really cutesy (archaeologist unicorn dig or a scene from Imogene's Antlers, etc.) or really gruesome and gross (various scenarios involving cannibalism, worms, dismemberment, etc.). But for all of my various great ideas I came up with, all I wanted to do was paint. However, 1) I spent the weekend at the beach and 2) this gave me not much time to transfer my detailed and perfectly planned images in my head into painted form. Ink and digital wasn't going to cut it.

I was going to just skip IF this week, but after seeing that my friend Dave decided to rediscover acrylic painting himself lately, I was just dying to paint something, anything! Well, actually, I really wanted to paint a person. So I used my dumpy self, complete with messed up hair, tan lines, and 'indoors only' tank. Hence this *cough* loveliness. I didn't do it with any intention of it going up on IF, really, but after I finished it, it realized that was in itself a discovery.

I rediscovered my love of painting from life, and painting in general. I haven't drawn myself (in a non cartoon form) since 2004. I haven't painted from life since 2003. I haven't painted realistically (non cartoons) since 2003. And, I've never painted in craft paint like this. I discovered I like how quickly they dry. So, there you go. : P

Oh yeah, it's craft paint (three different pinks and a turquoise) on rives bfk. Pin It


Pickledog said...

A unicorn dig cartoon would have been cool, but this is a sweeet painting.

It is so weird because last night I dug out one of my old paintings (that is now almost ten years old,) with the thought of painting in the old analog style again for fun. Could a mass painting revival be on the way?

alicia varela said...

great work alicia!!
really like it!!

Kennon said...

Dude, let's see the unicorn dig site!
Nice painting although you don't look to happy (isn't that the pot calling the kettle black ;).
Good work.

davidjamescole said...

wow. nice piece. the color choice and the way you painted it almost also make it look like a printmaking process of some sort. (though that may just be because of how it was photographed, etc.)

i, too, was just thinking that my next painting should be a self portrait. I haven't drawn or painted myself in years (well, like you said, in non-cartoon format). You look rather plaintive in this piece. (although that may just be concentration :) )

just goes to show that simple solutions are sometimes the most interesting and unintentionally complex.

Emma said...

Nice! Although I feel strangely compelled to go buy a sangria cube and take it over to cheer you up.:)

I'm guessing you got enough of unicorns at the beach? "I'm alive! I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiive . .. "

Anonymous said...

SO pretty!! i love it!! and you know i LOVE craft paint. :) :) :)

alicia policia said...

Thanks, y'all! Yeah, I know that I look pissed, but i was just concentrating. It's harder to keep smiling while painting yourself, right? I think so.

Perhaps I'll do the unicorn dig down the road. i liked the idea, but I just didn't feel I had enough time to do it justice.