Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Naked Mermaids!

Sooo, long time no updatey! Here's a sneaky peek at one of the pieces I submitted to Gallery Lombardi's Radical Nautical show. It consists of Naked Mermaids I and II, which are a naked panda mermaid and a naked polar bear mermaid, respectively. I dropped off my submission on time last Wednesday, so now we play the waiting game to see if it was accepted.

The whole finished piece is kind of not safe for work (depending on where you work...there are boobies), so that's why only a crop on this page. The boob-inclusive image can be found when you click this sentence.

In other news, this past week has been both super-duper-crazy-busy and super-duper-good-time-fun. My mom flew in to visit me last Wednesday evening, so yay for mommy-daughter time! We got to eat some marvelous food (Sao Paolo and Clay Pit), cooked up some family favorites (Gammon fried chicken with potatoes and onions and then on Sunday some Ropa Vieja and fried plantains), and I introduced her to some of my favorite people in Austin. The rest of her visit consisted of us making my bridesmaid dress for my friends' wedding in August. My poor mama didn't see the outdoors from Friday night until Sunday afternoon -- of course the major chunk of time when it was actually not raining -- as she was chugging along trying to tame some slippery material and a zipper for most of the time. Now I have to finish the hem, the waistband, and a few more details on my own, though, as my mother left yesterday morning. Such a short visit! But it was packed with getting work done and looooootttts and lots and lots of talking, so it was great. I love my mama. : ) Pin It


Kennon said...

Wow, those mermaids are great. What materials did you use?

alicia policia said...

Thanks! I used a sculpt-able air dry foam called Model Magic. It's supposed to be for kids, but I've used it with great success several times. It can be fragile at times, but it's a bit more rugged once painted (acrylic, BTW).

Neva Austrew said...

I love the mermaids! It kind of reminds me of an x-rated Wuzzle...do you remember the Wuzzles? It was a cartoon that came on around the same time as Ducktales, but it only lasted one season. All the characters were half one animal, half another, and had names like "Eleroo" and "Bumblelion". They rocked.

I hope you get into the show!

Anonymous said...

ALICIA!! hurray for your new art blog and for your bearmaids!!! maybe they can come over and play with the mermacrabicorn sometime. that is if they don't all sell at the art show!!! :) :) :) i miss you.

Aaron Sacco said...

holy cow those mermaids are awesome! Nice work! It about time you got a blog.. i can't wait to see all that you do.