Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Radical Nautical Approaches

Thursday's the night! Yes, indeed, it is the big opening at Gallery Lombardi of Radical Nautical, with over 70 artists featured, live music, performances, and fish tacos to be provided. Fun starts at 7:00, and be warned, it will most likely be pretty packed.

Above is a crop of my final, second piece for the show, "¡Ay! La Sirena...que linda..." -- a crop because, again, there is boob-age to be seen, and a bit of stylized gore as well. To see the complete piece (boobs and violence included), resting propped up on my easel, just click this sentence.

Pastel underpainting, oils on board, I think it's 18" x 20"but I'm not sure about that. I'm pleased. It was a blast to paint. Pin It

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

American Women Authors, Part 2

Before I discovered Gone With the Wind, I was all about Little Women. Again with the big poofy dresses, right?

I reckon it was another inherited taste I have via my mom and grandmother. My grandmother, Gammon, told me how she and her sisters all would pretend to be the March sisters when they were little. Gammon was the youngest, so she was Amy, which kind of disappointed me because I always felt Amy was a bit bratty. Beth was my favorite. Beth liked kittens and played the piano, like me (at the time). My mother had a Beth Madame Alexander doll she played with so much, the doll's painted on eyebrows wore off. I inherited my mom's copy of the book and her Beth doll when I was a little girl, and man, let me tell you, between Gone With the Wind and Little Women fueling my imagination, I played my little heart out with all my various dolls.

As a sort of aside, let me just say I had a crapload of dolls. A crapload! And I played with them all the time. Mostly they were variously heighted and costumed Madame Alexander dolls. Unfortunately, most people associate these dolls with collectors, and especially with the tacky movie and holiday themed little 8" ones that have gotten out of control since Madame Alexander's death. But mine weren't tacky -- they were classic little girl dolls. My mom hated Barbie, and so I was given this bit pricier but MUCH better alternative for playing with. And such drama for the poor dolls, too. Everyone was always sick and dying from either pneumonia or scarlet fever. I was a morbid but very imaginative and happy little girl. Much thanks to all the Civil War dramas for that influence. ; )

Anyway, kudos Louisa May Alcott! Generations of girls have grown up with the March girls, and are better for it. Pin It

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gouache Doodle

I've never painted in gouache, but I've been dying to try it out for so long. So when I was trying to decide what to get with my 50% off one item at Jerry's Artarama, I went for a small set of acrylic gouaches, well, because they were out of the normal kind. Pooh! This little girl is what I doodled up once I got home. I'll have to play with the more later. She's not masterful or great by any means, but I like her. It was fun. I need some better brushes.

I think I'll prefer regular gouaches, as the acrylic ones don't let you rework the paint. Once it's dry, it's dry. Pin It

Thursday, July 19, 2007

(Re)Discovery - of Sorts for Illustration Friday

Here's my cop out, lame Illustration Friday entry for this week. Are you ready for it?

Ta daa! I rediscovered painting from life (waka, waka, waka!). Not a very good painting by any means, and especially not obviously a discovery, but let me explain....

*Le Sigh* I had a big problem with the theme of discovery. I felt torn between wanting to go really cutesy (archaeologist unicorn dig or a scene from Imogene's Antlers, etc.) or really gruesome and gross (various scenarios involving cannibalism, worms, dismemberment, etc.). But for all of my various great ideas I came up with, all I wanted to do was paint. However, 1) I spent the weekend at the beach and 2) this gave me not much time to transfer my detailed and perfectly planned images in my head into painted form. Ink and digital wasn't going to cut it.

I was going to just skip IF this week, but after seeing that my friend Dave decided to rediscover acrylic painting himself lately, I was just dying to paint something, anything! Well, actually, I really wanted to paint a person. So I used my dumpy self, complete with messed up hair, tan lines, and 'indoors only' tank. Hence this *cough* loveliness. I didn't do it with any intention of it going up on IF, really, but after I finished it, it realized that was in itself a discovery.

I rediscovered my love of painting from life, and painting in general. I haven't drawn myself (in a non cartoon form) since 2004. I haven't painted from life since 2003. I haven't painted realistically (non cartoons) since 2003. And, I've never painted in craft paint like this. I discovered I like how quickly they dry. So, there you go. : P

Oh yeah, it's craft paint (three different pinks and a turquoise) on rives bfk. Pin It

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Geeky for Illustration Friday

Here's my geeky entry, although I would probably argue she's more a bit dorky than geeky. Then again, Analog can be pretty darned geeky. I like her though, and I know a twelve year old Alicia would have been super envious of all her posters (and the bamf doll!), all tucked away with her dreamy, dorky pin-ups. I like to think that maybe she has a secret school crush on the Plot Twist boy from last week.

I had a blast thinking up all the dork-out posters I would've fawned over, and putting in all the little details. Oh, and pen and ink on bristol with digital color, by the way.

In other news, I got in to the Radical Nautical show at Gallery Lombardi! My Naked Mermaids and one other piece (which I have yet to post on here) will be in the show, so good times. Reception is on August 2, 7-10:00pm, so if you're in Austin, come check it out. Pin It

Friday, July 6, 2007

American Women Authors, Part 1

A few weeks back, I decided to draw a few of the authors that influenced and affected me growing up and now. A lot of the authors I most treasure were (are) women, and more specifically, American women. Thus, I was inspired to start on a small series of author portraits. Here's the first one, Margaret Mitchell.

I sort of had a Gone With the Wind obsession when I was a little girl. Well, not sort of. I was an out and out freak about it. The majority of it was probably the love of drawing big poofy dresses, at least back then. Well, that and I totally thought Clark Gable was the dreamiest -- alas he was long dead, so I couldn't really daydream about running away with him very well.

As I grew older, I really began to appreciate the character of Scarlett as a sort of anti-hero heroine. To paraphrase a friend of mine, Scarlett's an absolute, unapologetic bitch, but you still root for her until the end. You just don't see that many do it strong, stubborn, bitchy heroines that you actually like around anymore. At least, I've always liked her. Then again, maybe it's all the dresses.... Pin It

Thursday, July 5, 2007

(Plot) Twist for Illustration Friday

Here's my topsy-turvy-twisty submission for the Illustration Friday theme of 'twist.' I decided to go with a plot twist, so turn it either way and it's like, "Oh my god, did that just happen! What a surprise!" or,"Oh no! What's going on! This isn't what I expected..." Here's the same art, just turned upside down for ya's. I've had books on the brain of late.

I was determined to submit this one in time. I might work it a bit more in the future. I hope that perhaps next week (uh, meaning tomorrow) will lead me to do some more traditional media work (although the line work here is pen and ink). I likes me some paint.

*edit* D'oh! Like a goofus, I entered my url for the link on IF as http://http:// and then the rest of the site, so yeah, I'm one of those people who had to submit it twice. My apologies. : ( Pin It

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Naked Mermaids!

Sooo, long time no updatey! Here's a sneaky peek at one of the pieces I submitted to Gallery Lombardi's Radical Nautical show. It consists of Naked Mermaids I and II, which are a naked panda mermaid and a naked polar bear mermaid, respectively. I dropped off my submission on time last Wednesday, so now we play the waiting game to see if it was accepted.

The whole finished piece is kind of not safe for work (depending on where you work...there are boobies), so that's why only a crop on this page. The boob-inclusive image can be found when you click this sentence.

In other news, this past week has been both super-duper-crazy-busy and super-duper-good-time-fun. My mom flew in to visit me last Wednesday evening, so yay for mommy-daughter time! We got to eat some marvelous food (Sao Paolo and Clay Pit), cooked up some family favorites (Gammon fried chicken with potatoes and onions and then on Sunday some Ropa Vieja and fried plantains), and I introduced her to some of my favorite people in Austin. The rest of her visit consisted of us making my bridesmaid dress for my friends' wedding in August. My poor mama didn't see the outdoors from Friday night until Sunday afternoon -- of course the major chunk of time when it was actually not raining -- as she was chugging along trying to tame some slippery material and a zipper for most of the time. Now I have to finish the hem, the waistband, and a few more details on my own, though, as my mother left yesterday morning. Such a short visit! But it was packed with getting work done and looooootttts and lots and lots of talking, so it was great. I love my mama. : ) Pin It