Thursday, June 21, 2007

Radical Nautical Artical

Tired, weary weather matches a tired, weary me.

Whew! I'm pooped. I've been preparing work (last minute, of course) for Gallery Lombardi's Radical Nautical show. I've been working on it for the past two days, but the thing is I feel like I've barely gotten any artwork done. What the hey? So the picture above is a snapshot of my art table earlier this drizzly morning. It's a sneak peek at one project(in progress), and the blank slate that became the second project (now also in progress).

It's been so long since I've made actual hands on artwork -- non-digital, non-doodle, hands on artwork. I forgot how fun it can be, but then it's taking so much longer than I remember. How is it I could do an assignment all in one night during college? Was I better skilled then, or is it just that I have higher standards and more complex projects now? I remember this one time in my senior year where I went for 60 hours straight without sleep, just working on projects and going to classes and crits. Eventually, when I did finish, I crashed and slept for 18 hours. I can't even fathom doing that now. I must be old...sigh.

Well, here's hoping this weekend there's some sunshine and some relaxin' time for me. For now, it's back to work... Pin It

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tick Cakes

Ahh, tick cakes! Don't worry, no real ticks involved. The ticks are really raisins, and the cake is chocolate with mocha frosting. Mmmm, tastes like childhood.

Yesterday I whipped up a batch of my grandmother's famous tick cakes in her memory. Gammon (rhymes with 'c'mon') died 3 years ago yesterday, and I spent the day fondly remembering her by baking tick cakes, sharing stories, and listening to the Beatles White album. She was a bigger Beatles fan than my mom and my uncles were, I'd say. I reckon that's pretty uncommon for pre-baby boomer generation grandmothers, right?

My sophomore year of college I flew into Orlando for Thanksgiving break, and Gammon and I drove up to Jacksonville together to meet the rest of the family. I played almost everything I could possibly think of, and Gammon enjoyed every bit of music I played for us. Her favorites from the trip included Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, and Nirvana, while the only two CDs I remember her disliking were Ryuchi Sakamoto and Salt N' Pepa. I gave her some Belle and Sebastian CDs for Christmas that year, and they became fast favorites for her to listen to. I played them along with the Beatles yesterday. I miss her terribly.

Gammon, along with my mom, taught me how to sew, knit, embroider, and cook. I inherited my artistic abilities through her -- both she and my mom were also art majors and together supplied me with a childhood filled with art: hand made christmas cards, t-shirts embroidered with our own drawings, museum trips, homemade pottery and sculptures, hand painted furniture, and much, much more.... I wore Gammon made clothing throughout my childhood until I was meanly teased about it at school (oh, fifth grade!). I still sleep under Gammon made quilts and afghans, I cook in her iron skillet, read her Pogo books, and sleep curled up with my cat on her feather stuffed sofa. She helped me learn to appreciate a good book, a good education, and a good man. She was such a very satisfactory grandmother. Cheers to Gammon! May I continue to remember her every day in how I live and who I am.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Number five is alive!

This time I mean business. Despite me trying over the past 2+ years to start and maintain an art and craft blog about four other times, I am determined now more than ever to keep the dream alive and kicking. I want this...I can do this. Hoorah!

So, here's a little low down on me. I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida where I developed my phobia of toads and frogs in depth. I attended Syracuse University where I majored in Illustration and had an absolute blast. I then moved to Austin, working variously as a private drawing and painting instructor, a jewelry designer for Kendra Scott Design, an animator for A Scanner Darkly, and as an illustrator and designer working with a whole host of cool clients, including SXSW and the Chuy's family of restaurants. It's been almost five years since moving here, and while I've worked on some incredible projects and met some amazing people, I know that my own personal artistic and creative output has just dwindled down to a trickle over the years. I miss it. A lot. I want it back.

And so, there you go. Here's wishing me luck! Pin It