Friday, December 28, 2007

Soar - Illustration Friday

Oh my, oh my! I cannot believe I haven't posted on here in over twenty days! In a nutshell, December was horrifically hectic, but in a good way.  It didn't provide me much time to post, or do much of anything (no Christmas tree, no handmade gifts, no treat making, no cleaning up...), unfortunately. 

The reason for the delay? Well, the Blue Genie Art Bazaar was a smash hit. I had no idea things would go so well for me, it being my first 'bazaar' and whatnot, but wow! I was kept busy making sure I had stock to carry me all the way through Christmas Eve.  I'm so glad to have been a part of it all -- there were some really talented (and very friendly) folks there. 

This little space girl here is a Bazaar leftover, but she's found a new home on my blog, as I feel her soaring far above the world fits the theme of 'soar' for this week's Illustration Friday. Welcome, Spacegirl, and welcome back, me!  

Now, to clean up the mess the past few months have left... Ugh.  

Oh yeah, and she's ink and gouache.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Les Dessins Original

I thought I would share some of the drawings I have up for sale at the Blue Genie Bazaar. Each one is an original piece measuring 5" x 7" - ink and gouache on watercolor paper. I had a lot of fun doing these. More on the way. There should be just about something for everyone. Pin It

Blue Benie Art Bazaar

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar has opened its doors, so go check out the amazing wares available for purchase (including my stuff, of course). It really looks great, and walking through last night I saw so many things I wanted to buy for myself and for others.

I'll be adding more inventory before this weekend and throughout the duration of the show (as will many artists), so feel free to keep coming back to check out new items - admission is free! Free!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

American Women Authors, Part 4

As promised, here's the fourth in the series, one of my very favorite authors, Flannery O'Connor.

One day I want to do another Flannery O'Connor piece with the whole peacock motif going on (she is well known for her fondness for the birds, and she didn't just only own peacocks, but she even painted them accompanying her in her painted self-portrait). Maybe I'll make a peacock themed design and turn it into a t-shirt for myself, because I would totally wear a Flannery O'Connor t-shirt. But, that's probably a ways down the road... Pin It

The Owl and the Pussycat

Here are the Owl and the Pussycat, in love aboard their beautiful pea-green boat. Awww.... It seems they're approaching the shores of the land where the Bong trees grow. They've got to find that Piggy-Wig and get married, pronto!

I originally started this piece way back when Illustration Friday had a theme of 'moon' at some point during the summer. I had the inks done and didn't get around to coloring it, and then the next week came, and the theme was 'poem,' so that was a perfect combo theme (seeing as this is based on a poem by Edward Lear), so it was my intention to finish it for a double whammy. Alas, I was a busy bee, and it still sat uncolored still... until tonight.

After many different color versions and several sessions of piddling around with the palette, it is finally colored and finished. Huzzah!

Ink and digital. : ) Pin It

A Blank of Mice

Thursday already? Gah! Here is a clustered up bunch of stuffed mice I made for Blue Genie. Cute and colorful.

My grandmother, Gammon, made tons and tons of these mice in the late 60's as a fund raiser for the high school band. They have been present ever since then in my family's household, playing with the grandchildren, teasing cats with their tails, etc. So, I had to include some Gammon mice in my Blue Genie Bazaar fare for tradition's sake.

Of course, I tried to look up the terminology for a group of mice when I began writing this post, something like a herd of cows or a murder of crows, but apparently there is no name for a large gathering of mice (or at least not that I could find). I looked for other rodentesque and mouse like animals (or as similar an animal as I could find on the lists) to see if there was a trend going on terminology wise, but no. You may have a horde of hamsters, a scurry of squirrels, a pack of rats, and a business of ferrets.

So, any suggestions? A colony? A scamper? A tangle? Pin It

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

American Women Authors, Part 3

It's been a while, but the series is back on track. This time around it's Eudora Welty. Hooray for Eudora Welty! Pin It

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fist-A-Cuffs -- Yo soy Señor Dedo.

I've been participating in the latest round of Fist-A-Cuffs, brought to you by the tremendously talented Sam Hiti. It's essentially a bunch of various artists pitting their various characters against each other in various battles, with various folks voting on their pick for the various winners, until only one remains. Various variety! This time, three artists make up a team of two plus a manager.

My team, The Handy Capables, was knocked out in the third round for the West division. I was the manager, Señor Dedo. Oh, and my partners in crime -- Paul Adam and Zach Taylor, did a great job. Kudos, boys! Your manager's proud'a ya!

It was all good fun. I reckon we formed our team back in late August/early September, and had turned in our artwork in early October. The actual fights didn't come along, of course, until the most horrible time for me work on it was at hand -- gah! As a result, I didn't really get a chance to do what I would have liked to have done, artistically speaking.

However, my gallant teammates filled in for me during our last 'Smak Talk' since my schedule didn't allow me any time to not be working on tall my work stuff. : P I tremendously appreciate their enthusiasm to help, and just wanted to thank them again for that.

Anyway, go check out Fist-A-Cuffs! It's full of some incredible artists and snappy artwork. Don't forget to vote for your favorite teams! Pin It

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Potodd's Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope all enjoy this day of rest and thanks and friends and family. This year Thanksgiving falls on what would have been my grandfather's 86th birthday. Oh, and for those who may not know, we call him Potodd (like p' todd).

This little wooden guy is my version of Potodd in the medium of marker on wooden peg, circa 1986. My brother and I received a bag of wooden peg people to decorate ourselves for Christmas, but mysteriously, this is the only one I still have. And bringing things full circle back to Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I have it, and I'm extremely thankful for having had a tremendously satisfactory grandfather like Potodd.

And of cousre, I'm thankful for more folks and friends and the like. You all know who you are.
Oh, and as I was trying to take my photo, someone insisted on getting in the way. By the way, it's Potodd from whom I inherited my fondness for cats (via my mom). You can blame his cat lover gene for my crazy cat lady tendencies.

More artwork and craftwork to come soon. I've been work, work, working on so much, namely preparing for Blue Genie. Load in is next weekend. Ack! Pin It

Monday, November 19, 2007


Hey all! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you to go make sure to pick up Birds of Prey #112 this week at your local comic shopping stop, as my good and tremendously talented friend, David James Cole, drew up the interiors.

Unfortunately, he didn't get to do the cover, at least not this time round. Next time, he'd better! Hear that DC? That's right. Dave Cole is taking the comics world by storm. : ) Pin It

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Illustration Friday - Scale

So here's my submission to this week's Illustration Friday theme of "Scale" -- presenting Little Miss Libra!

I had a lot of fun doing this. A series would be great, but I don't know if it would be so much fun after 11 other girls. We'll see what the public demands. : )

Also, what am I thinking? Two posts in one day?!?! I is craziness. Pin It

Chuy's Giving Shirt

Although I don't usually post my work stuff on here, I decided I'd post this one because it's for a good cause. Chuy's asked me to design a charity cause shirt for them that would convey a sense of community, giving, and goodness. Here's the finished product (more or less). The shirt 'tagline' was "Great Food. Great People."

It was a lot of work, but it was very fun to do. I even snuck some friends and family members into the crowd (click on the image to see a bigger version).

You can pick up a shirt at Chuy's locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Round Rock, San Antonio, and Shenandoah. I believe it proceeds Operation Blue Santa, which is what the annual Chuy's Parade is all about.

And yes, it is great food, and they are great people. : ) Mmm...creamy jalapeño ranch salsa.... Pin It

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Small Cat Club

I'm very pleased to announce that I have officially launched my own crafts, gifts, jewelry, handmade goods and more business -- The Small Cat Club.

Check out my new Etsy store at I just added the very first few items for sale, and there's more to come, but I couldn't wait to make this post, so here you go. : D As I said, there's much more to come, so keep checking in for more updates.

Also, look for The Small Cat Club stuff at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, too. That's right, I got in. Woot!

Good grief -- all this hard work and stress and change is exciting. I'm off to take photos of some jewelry. : ) Pin It

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

So, this here is my super rushed submission for Illustration Friday this week, "Trick or Treat.' 'Tis a merry little ghostie girlie -- who says you can't trick or treat in the afterlife, right?

I've been busy so I see it as conceptually and artistically lazy, but then again, I'm just happy I'm getting something in on time for this week. Is that bad? I figured there was no point in doing a trick or treat themed drawing tomorrow, and a super rushed, quickie one is better than none at all, so I made myself do it to it to crank this out before heading off to the boyfriend's place tonight.

Man, oh man, I need myself a laptop. : P Pin It

Happy Halloween!

¡Boo! Happy Halloween from me to you. This guy gave me some nice therapy carving after a busy start of the week -- no kits, not paints -- back to my pumpkin carving roots. Ahh! That felt good.

Also, I caught my cat in the act of making out with my pumpkin. Ok, so it wasn't making out, it was licking pumpkin juice off his mouth-al area, but it looked like full blown French style making out between a cat and a pumpkin. The conception of Halloween, perhaps. I missed capturing it on camera, but it was creepily cute in a strange way. Pin It

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Back! Illustration Friday - Grow

I didn't think I'd be back so soon, but I couldn't pass up this week's theme. Here's my version of 'grow.' Y'see, I've had the tendency to draw sequences of mini-portraits of people 'aging,' or growing if you will, my entire life. I called these drawings 'aging processes' drawings. This is a new one.

It's the first thing I thought of when I saw 'grow.' So, here's a girl growing up. I reckon I'm fascinated with the passing of time and its effects on the body, and fashion and haircuts. : ) Sometimes I would create entire family albums of fictitious people spanning generations, portraits of each member every so many years drawn - all drawn on notebook paper (probably during one of my brothers' basketball games) and stapled together. It was an obsession of mine.

Here's a small sampling of some aging process drawings throughout my ages. Check out how I 'grew' as an artist. Ah-ha! Double themed entry!

This here's my very first aging process drawing(s) (it's on two pages, but it's one drawing) that I can remember doing. I had just turned six (1986). I remember actually drawing this, and talking to myself while I drew it in my very first sketch book -- recounting the story of this girl's life as I made it all up. For some reason, she looks nothing alike year to year -- I'm prolly the only one who would know it's all the same girl.

This one was done circa 1988 --third grade. If you click on it, you might be able to make out the '3rd Grade *sigh*' handwriting under the picture of the girl with the super curly scribble hair. Hmmm, someone did not like her hair in third grade....

This one is from 1991, when I rediscovered drawing and I would rip through a sketchbook every month or so. This also documents the advent of my 'noseless' people, which I notoriously drew circa 1991-1995, as I decided I couldn't draw noses well enough, so I left them out all together. This chick evolved to noselessness, it seems.

Here's a re-drawing I did in 2003 of my aging process I drew in 1991. I tried to stay true to the original fashions and haircuts, so she still doesn't look like she's the same person all the way through. What can I say? I was bored and lazy that day.

Anyway, there you go. A drawing of a girl growing up, and the growth of my artistic prowess and skillz. Two birds, one stone! Kinda...

So, was I a strange kid, or does everyone else draw aging processes as well? Pin It

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cutsey Ghostie Gourd

I'm feeling very in the mood for Halloween right now. Here is a shot of my freshly painted Ghostie Gourd. I found the gourd at Central Market, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to become a ghost. I've never seen gourds like this before. How about y'all, folks? I might want more...I haven't decided.

Now, some of you who know me may also know that I'm a Halloween pumpkin carving purist, meaning I'm usually against the whole 'painting the faces on' ordeal. I'm pretty harsh about it. No painted faces, no kits, and one must draw one's own design, etc. Material, props, paper, etc. is allowable to a certain extent, but the majority of it should be carved. Alas, I broke my own rule. I did paint the face on my gourd, but I didn't want to shorten his life by cutting him up. : ( I'm so conflicted!

Anyway, it's still kitless, and my own design, so two out of three ain't bad, right?

Oh, and tomorrow is a certain kitty's designated birthday. She'll be 3. That's 25 in cat years. Hmm.... she doesn't act like it.
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Jiggety Jig and Jiggety Jog

We'll, I'm back home in Austin after having gone back home to Jacksonville, thus the jigs and jogs. No art and no craft to post just now, but it was a good trip. This massive and colorful guy built his home on my parents' dock down by the creek. He had a friend who built a home across the way, actually over the creek. Alas, I could not capture his friend with a photo. We also ran into lots of lizards, and turtles.
My boyfriend came with me on this trip, so it was a good reason to explore places I haven't been to since high school, such as Chamblin's Book Mine and Five Points. Chamblin's was great as usual -- I found some awesome old craft books there. As for Five Points -- it has changed. A lot. All of the stores and cafes I remember that made Five Points so cool are essentially gone and are replaced with 'hipper' things, except the one antique/consignment store on the corner where these freaky but cute angel decorations were. That place (the name escapes me) is still neat. And fairly affordable.
I went to my ten year high school reunion. There was a gorgeous sunset on the way there, and this is the best of my futile efforts to capture it. Also, this picture reminds me that Florida is flat. Very flat. I forget that between visits. The reunion went well -- there were lots of people it was nice to see and to talk to again. I will have to say, though, that it was probably my first and last official high school reunion, and my final official high school related ordeal altogether. Get-togethers with friends and such are still a welcome possibility, of course.

We also went to Clark's Fish Camp, which has grown immensely since I was a kid. I remember when it was a bait and tackle shop (my brother would buy bait there to go fishing), and that the only taxidermy around was a few fish on the wall and a squirrel (or was it a possum?) with a beer can. It was warm enough for us to go swimming, which I haven't done in forever at home since I'm always there in the winter, it seems. We had a lovely family brunch at River City Brewing Co., followed by a few rounds of dominoes and sushi delivery/take out back home. To top it all off there were two cute kitties at home with which to snuggle all the while.

Ok, it's back to work time. I'll post more later, but it's time to play catch up for now. Pin It

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Black Cat Skull Stack

At the end of a long, long, busy, busy, packed with work out the wazoo week, there is a stack of kitties and skulls to make it all better.

This painting will be in the Austin Sketch Squad Monster Mash show at the Lowbrow Emporium on South Lamar. There's an opening tonight, starting at 7:00pm with beer and live art, apparently. Go check it out, as the show will be full of some fantastic art by fantastic artists.

I didn't get a chance to do Illustration Friday this week, despite my having yet another week of drawing up a sketch for it only to not have any time to finish it -- paying work had to take precedence. It's a decent conundrum in which to be, I reckon.

Well, I'm off to do even more work, which is a good thing. I am, however, greatly looking forward to my mini vacation next week with much anticipation.

Oh, and acrylic on panel 12" x 24". Also, please forgive the cruddy photo and notorious 'bumpy apartment wall.' : ) Pin It

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Devil and Death

Here's my second piece for the spooky group art show at Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth that goes up tomorrow and comes down at the end of October. It was inspired by photo of a ceramic figure in one of my Dia de los Muertos art books (oh, how I love everything about that art!) of the Devil dancing with Death, which is also, apparently, a dance performed in some areas. I think I like my Sugar Skull Juggler better, but I like the 'sexiness' of this one.

I totally want to buy myself some sugar skull molds this year. I've seen them around town before, now it's just a matter of tracking them down. We'll see if I have the time for it between projects, out of town trips, and everything else I have to do this month.

I can't believe it's October. Oh, and I bought a pumpkin already. Good grief!


The kind Mr. Jennings made me aware that their eye color was too close to their skin color (I was going for glowing, but yeah, I missed... but then again the monitor looks different at night...), thus their eyes looked closed. So, I fixed it (I think). If they still looked closed, let me know. : )
Here's the lovely couple with sporting the results of their recent eye jobs. Pin It

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sugar Skull Juggler

This little lady was supposed to be a part of last week's Illustration Friday (juggling). Alas... she was not completed in time. What with my busy work week and then my having some sick spells (but all seems to be well now), everything just happened to affect 'work for fun' able-ness. Boo! But she did get finished, and that's good.

There is more good news in sight for the Señorita Sugar Skull Juggler, because she is also going to be a part of the spooky group art show going up on Monday (and through October) at Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth. Yay!

Oh, and pen and ink wih digital color. Pin It

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Alphagals, a Blue Genie, and a Busy Bee

Meet Abigail, and Abigail's Ant, Adelaide. She is the first of the AlphaGals, which is the series I came up with recently, and I hope to do so much fun and interesting stuff with. Stationery, dolls, maybe paper dolls...maybe some stories, at least drawing wise. We'll see how it goes. One of twenty six girls and her pet who lives in her hair, and her trademark color, and her bizarre hair-do, and her retro, Brady bunch inspired outfit. Could it be anymore Alician? Nope.
Here are Bertha and her bats who live in her blue braids. They are named Bartolomeo and Benedetta. And since I'm speaking of blues -- so I submitted some of my wares to the Blue Genie Art Bazaar. I sent in various new stuff I've been working on (like the AlphaGals), and some old regular standard Alicia stuff. I hope I get in. It would be exciting and fun. I'm psyched.
And lastly, here's Carlotta and her cat, Claude. Next up is Ethany, and then Frieda, and then Gala. Why am I taking this up now, when I have so much else going on? Because I like being a busy bee, I reckon.

Buzz, buzz buzz. I'm off!

Oh, and all of these lovely ladies are acrylic gouache on Rives BFK. Pin It

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One of 'Them'

I have been infected with a virus to which I thought I was immune, and now I am one of them. "Join us," they said. "It's bliiiiisss..." They made a good case. And so, I buckled. I am now one of those people who starts on Christmas crafts in September -- before the Fall has officially started, even. What has happened to me? Who am I? This is not me!

What you see here are practice runs of a print for a Christmas project. That's right, it's three months away and I'm whipping out nativity themed goods. I have good reason though. How can I possibly achieve all of the Christmas greatness I want to if I only give myself one month to do so? I would drive myself batty, and I'd be in no mood to enjoy it all. Thus, the early start.

For those who may not know, I was a notorious scoffer of jump-the-gun Christmas crafters for years, decades even. What fun is there in Christmas if it isn't special, if it's three months old by the time it arrives? Well, as I said, the fun is in not being overwhelmed, in not pulling all nighters while cursing at the sewing machine to the tune of O Holy Night, and in not flipping your wig in general when it gets down to the wire.

Come December, I hope to be sipping mulled wine, watching Rudolph and Charlie Brown, and reveling in the cheers and complements I will be receiving on my bounty of Christmas goods that were finished months ago. Pin It

Monday, September 10, 2007

Professor Cakeface Meowmers

Yesterday was my birthday. Hooray! It was a happy one at that. See that guy in the photo above? That's Professor Cakeface Meowmers (and yes, that is a Wizard People Dear Readers reference). He was my birthday cake this year. I brought him to the lovely party my lovely friends, Paul and Emma, hosted for me. He was tasty.

He almost didn't exist, though. My oven went bonkers not even 20 minutes into cooking my cake layers, and they were all burnt and fallen. I am stating for the record that I abhor apartment kitchens. Anyway, I went into panic mode. I was especially crushed because I had plans on making Professor Cakeface Meowmers here for a few weeks. I was super excited about it. I told people my cake plans. Other people were excited about it. It had to be done! A cat cakeface cake! In a way, it was like my birthday present to myself. I absolutely HAD to make this cake.

After a few calls to some snooty bakeries trying to see if they would sell me un-iced cake rounds, I finally braved going to Central Market on Saturday, where they were so kind to sell me the only two un-iced cake rounds they fortunately possessed for a mere five dollars. My other option would've been to buy an iced cake, take it home, and scrap all the icing off, then re-ice it. I would've done it too, because I had my heart set on the Professor here, with his orange flavored icing made from my mom's recipe. Mmmm....

So, some panic, a couple batches of icing, and several hours later, he emerged. He was a delectable, delicious, hit. More so than his cakeface predecessors, although, they too were much loved. Pictured below are last year's birthday cake, Paul's birthday cake, and of course, the Professor.

Other highlights of my weekend included the thoroughly excellent company of my friends at the party, a rousingly memorable game of Apples to Apples, superb homemade cookies, good books, tickets to see Yo La Tengo at one of my preferred venues, a lovely hand drawn coupon to buy cycling clothes (complete with cat wearing sunglasses!), calls from more thoroughly excellent friends and family, Z Tejas margaritas and their famous cast iron skillet fruit cobbler, The Office season 3, these shoes, and a bounty of gift certificates for some of my favorite places to shop.

Excellence. Pin It

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Here's another 'craft' post for y'all. My mom is attending the big 40th Anniversary celebration at the Jacksonville Cuban American Club this Saturday. My dad is the President of the club this year, so it's a big to-do for him and my mom. Cocktail dress, tuxedo fancy type to-do. I reckon she is, for all intents and purposes, the 'first lady' over there, and was in need of some jewelry for the occasion. She requested a predominantly red and black with gold findings number. I just mailed it off to her.

This is what I came up with using just what I had here, with the exception of the 'donut' pendant. I didn't have any decent pendant pieces so, I went on a brief shopping trip, and this was what turned up. I had wanted a big ol' faceted teardrop, or something like that. Typically I'm not a big fan of the 'donut pendant,' but it was all I could find that wasn't faux cinnabar (real cinnabar would be bad -- it's toxic, or so I've heard), and was the right shade of red. I opted for lots of chain and the layered look to offset any of the zen-simple-chic or art-teacher-funky-cookiness I tend to see donuts mixed in with. I'm pleased.

I was afraid it wouldn't be able to pull off a formal look, but I think I did it. At first I had it more delicate and dripping with clusters and whatnot, but it didn't look right -- too busy. I think this simpler version is much better and much less cluttered.

I really like the chain slip knot part a lot. Fancy pants! There are earrings to match, but not pictured.

As for the materials, this one is faceted black onyx, faceted coral, sponge coral, freshwater pearls, and the pendant is what I would call reconstituted sponge coral, all with gold filled wire and chain. Pin It

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Awww, it's a craft!

I'm kicking off September with my very first craft post, and it's cutesy-wootsy to boot, so you've been warned.

Here's what I call Mr. Chubby Two-Penny Bunny, made from an old Old Navy tee shirt scrap that had previously been sentenced to serve the rest of its life as an oil painting rag. I had a change of heart, however, and before subjecting it to an oily death I snatched it up and gave creative birth to this bunny. I had been feeling dumpy and worn out on the art stuffs the other day, and decided I wanted to do some plush making. He was all hand sewn, has vintage button eyes, a raggedy madras plaid bow, and a sparkly cotton tail.
I modified him from a pattern I found in one of my mom's old toy making books. I like my guy better than their pin headed bunny, but if I make him a friend, I'll probably change a few things. I don't know if I'm up for making him a friend just yet. Hand sewing takes a bit longer, but then there is a therapeutic quality to it, especially with so many little pattern pieces to put together. It's one of those "quasi-mindless, but not really" activities. It's like knitting, but more fun, because in the end, you have a toy (well, at least I'm not good enough at knitting to make any toy other than a snake, maybe). You do have to think, about what you're doing at least, but not about anything else really, and all the while your hands are busy. Ahhh -- bliss! I wish I had some nice, real wool felt to play with, though. I hear it's hand sewing heaven. I think I'm going to get a jump start on that Christmas wish list...
Here's Mr. Chubby Two-Penny Bunny getting acquainted with Nico. See, I warned you -- cutesy wootsy. I cannot be held responsible if you vomited all over your keyboard.

Oh, and why Mr. Chubby Two-Penny Bunny? Because his ears are weighted down with a penny each, and I thought that sounded like a good name. Pin It

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Illustration Friday - Captain

Here's my quickie Illustration Friday contribution -- barely in time. I figured I had to do it though, since I've taken the past few weeks off and that's no good. It's a Captain Walrus! I tried to think of a really great name for him, but alas, came up with nothing. Blargh! I think I'm brain tired. Any suggestions?

I'm not totally pleased with him -- I'm kinda 'meh.' I would have liked to have time for a whole body and scene/environment, and something about the coloring, etc seems off to me. But then again, for a quickie, he's just dandy.

Ink lines, photoshop color. Pin It

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

There's no place like studio....

Hello, hello. It's good to be back. I've been running around all over the place -- art openings, weddings (not mine), etc., so Illustration Friday and other paintings, drawings, and doodles fell to the wayside. I'm back though, and it's been a wonderful, if not very swift, past two weeks.

The Radical Nautical show was an absolute hit. It was absolutely packed, and there was a single file line to just get into the gallery. Crazy. It provided for some terrific people watching.

Also, a bit of good news, I won a judge's pick award for my painting! Yay! And congratulations to my friend Ren Sacco for his 'Mercrabicorn' taking best of show. It was a really great show with a lot of talented people, many of the most talented are amongst my own friends. I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such talent. ; )

Aaand, some fabulous friends of mine go married this past weekend, and I was honored to be a bride's maid. Oh, it was a lovely blast! How could it not be with karaoke, a piñata, a Conan the Barbarian groom's cake, an even a Kermit and Piggy wedding cake topper? Congratulations to Paul and Emma, who should be enjoying their honeymoon right about now.

So, now I'm diving back into artwork. The Dorothy above is one of my warm ups back into my art swing after being basically absent for about two weeks. Nothing special, but I like it. I think the character of Dorothy is more suited to being blonde, plain, and wholesome. It seems more 'Kansas' to me. But then, I've never been to Kansas. Oh, and of course, this is pre-silver (or ruby) slippers.

She's acrylic gouache on Rives BFK. Pin It

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Radical Nautical Approaches

Thursday's the night! Yes, indeed, it is the big opening at Gallery Lombardi of Radical Nautical, with over 70 artists featured, live music, performances, and fish tacos to be provided. Fun starts at 7:00, and be warned, it will most likely be pretty packed.

Above is a crop of my final, second piece for the show, "¡Ay! La Sirena...que linda..." -- a crop because, again, there is boob-age to be seen, and a bit of stylized gore as well. To see the complete piece (boobs and violence included), resting propped up on my easel, just click this sentence.

Pastel underpainting, oils on board, I think it's 18" x 20"but I'm not sure about that. I'm pleased. It was a blast to paint. Pin It

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

American Women Authors, Part 2

Before I discovered Gone With the Wind, I was all about Little Women. Again with the big poofy dresses, right?

I reckon it was another inherited taste I have via my mom and grandmother. My grandmother, Gammon, told me how she and her sisters all would pretend to be the March sisters when they were little. Gammon was the youngest, so she was Amy, which kind of disappointed me because I always felt Amy was a bit bratty. Beth was my favorite. Beth liked kittens and played the piano, like me (at the time). My mother had a Beth Madame Alexander doll she played with so much, the doll's painted on eyebrows wore off. I inherited my mom's copy of the book and her Beth doll when I was a little girl, and man, let me tell you, between Gone With the Wind and Little Women fueling my imagination, I played my little heart out with all my various dolls.

As a sort of aside, let me just say I had a crapload of dolls. A crapload! And I played with them all the time. Mostly they were variously heighted and costumed Madame Alexander dolls. Unfortunately, most people associate these dolls with collectors, and especially with the tacky movie and holiday themed little 8" ones that have gotten out of control since Madame Alexander's death. But mine weren't tacky -- they were classic little girl dolls. My mom hated Barbie, and so I was given this bit pricier but MUCH better alternative for playing with. And such drama for the poor dolls, too. Everyone was always sick and dying from either pneumonia or scarlet fever. I was a morbid but very imaginative and happy little girl. Much thanks to all the Civil War dramas for that influence. ; )

Anyway, kudos Louisa May Alcott! Generations of girls have grown up with the March girls, and are better for it. Pin It

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gouache Doodle

I've never painted in gouache, but I've been dying to try it out for so long. So when I was trying to decide what to get with my 50% off one item at Jerry's Artarama, I went for a small set of acrylic gouaches, well, because they were out of the normal kind. Pooh! This little girl is what I doodled up once I got home. I'll have to play with the more later. She's not masterful or great by any means, but I like her. It was fun. I need some better brushes.

I think I'll prefer regular gouaches, as the acrylic ones don't let you rework the paint. Once it's dry, it's dry. Pin It

Thursday, July 19, 2007

(Re)Discovery - of Sorts for Illustration Friday

Here's my cop out, lame Illustration Friday entry for this week. Are you ready for it?

Ta daa! I rediscovered painting from life (waka, waka, waka!). Not a very good painting by any means, and especially not obviously a discovery, but let me explain....

*Le Sigh* I had a big problem with the theme of discovery. I felt torn between wanting to go really cutesy (archaeologist unicorn dig or a scene from Imogene's Antlers, etc.) or really gruesome and gross (various scenarios involving cannibalism, worms, dismemberment, etc.). But for all of my various great ideas I came up with, all I wanted to do was paint. However, 1) I spent the weekend at the beach and 2) this gave me not much time to transfer my detailed and perfectly planned images in my head into painted form. Ink and digital wasn't going to cut it.

I was going to just skip IF this week, but after seeing that my friend Dave decided to rediscover acrylic painting himself lately, I was just dying to paint something, anything! Well, actually, I really wanted to paint a person. So I used my dumpy self, complete with messed up hair, tan lines, and 'indoors only' tank. Hence this *cough* loveliness. I didn't do it with any intention of it going up on IF, really, but after I finished it, it realized that was in itself a discovery.

I rediscovered my love of painting from life, and painting in general. I haven't drawn myself (in a non cartoon form) since 2004. I haven't painted from life since 2003. I haven't painted realistically (non cartoons) since 2003. And, I've never painted in craft paint like this. I discovered I like how quickly they dry. So, there you go. : P

Oh yeah, it's craft paint (three different pinks and a turquoise) on rives bfk. Pin It

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Geeky for Illustration Friday

Here's my geeky entry, although I would probably argue she's more a bit dorky than geeky. Then again, Analog can be pretty darned geeky. I like her though, and I know a twelve year old Alicia would have been super envious of all her posters (and the bamf doll!), all tucked away with her dreamy, dorky pin-ups. I like to think that maybe she has a secret school crush on the Plot Twist boy from last week.

I had a blast thinking up all the dork-out posters I would've fawned over, and putting in all the little details. Oh, and pen and ink on bristol with digital color, by the way.

In other news, I got in to the Radical Nautical show at Gallery Lombardi! My Naked Mermaids and one other piece (which I have yet to post on here) will be in the show, so good times. Reception is on August 2, 7-10:00pm, so if you're in Austin, come check it out. Pin It